What can I represent?

We all know that early pregnancy test strips are a tool to help women test whether they are pregnant.However, what signs of test strips can be determined to be pregnant?What does people often say "one deep and one shallow"?

Does the early pregnancy test strip mean that you are pregnant?

Generally speaking, when two obvious red lines appear on the early pregnancy test strip, it means that the test result is positive, that is, the test of the test; if there is only one red line, it means that the result is negative, that is, there is no pregnancy.

What about two shallow lines on the test strip?Is it negative or positive?This must be judged according to the actual situation. You must know that many factors will affect the results of the test and give you the wrong signal.

There are three common factors that may affect the test results, causing a deep situation

1. Premature detection time

Generally speaking, it is more accurate to use early pregnancy paper test 3 to 7 days after women’s menopause, but many women who have been discontinued for the first time do not necessarily want to be pregnant, so they are often aggressive or even fear.The test will start in 2 days. The test results obtained must be inaccurate. You need to wait for a period of time to test again.

2. Urine concentration is too low

The urine excreted for the first time after getting up in the morning is the one that best reflects the level of human hormone.Therefore, the first urine after the use of early pregnancy test strips should be used to get more accurate hormone levels.If there is really no urine in the morning or too much water at night, you must wait for a while, at least ensure that the urine is stored in the bladder for four hours before testing, otherwise it is easy to cause the deeper and shallow gaming paper.

3. Pharmaceutical or disease effects

The principle of early pregnancy test strips is mainly to use the changes in HCG hormone levels in the body after pregnancy, but in addition to accidental pregnancy, many diseases, such as ovarian tumors, uterine cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, etc., can increase HCG, causing deep and shallowThe situation appears.

In addition, taking some drugs also have similar effects.Therefore, after the menopause was discontinued, a deeper and shallow result should be tested again at the appropriate time, and a professional hospital should be confirmed again. If it is found that the cause of the disease is found, it must be treated in time.

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