What causes biochemical pregnancy?

Xiao Yang, female, 35 years old, with a second child plan, now stops for 37 days, self -testing urine HCG is weak, and the outpatient bleeding HCG prompts 40 m U/ml.Consider biochemical pregnancy.She was very confused: Doctor, I was very smooth when I was pregnant with the first child. What causes biochemical pregnancy?Let’s see what is going on with biochemical pregnancy.

1. What is biochemical pregnancy?The early abortion that occurs (Chemical Pregnancy) occurs within 5 weeks of pregnancy. It refers to the phenomenon that the sperm and egg fail to successfully transport the bed in the uterine cavity and abortion with menstruation with menstruation.The combination of sperm and eggs forms fertilized eggs. On the seventh day of fertilization, fertilized eggs differentiate the nourishing layer (that is, the future placenta) and implant the endometrium, which gradually secretes the velvetic gonadotropin.Its elevation (﹥ 25mu/ml) or urinary pregnancy test is positive, but the ultrasonic examination does not see the gestational sac, indicating that the fertilized egg fails to bed, and is also known as "sub -clinical abortion".Biochemical pregnancy generally does not affect the next pregnancy.

2. What kind of clinical characteristics are there: (1) Urine HCG can measure weak positive, it is difficult to achieve positive;It shows that it is pregnancy, but it cannot show whether the bed is successful; (4) Generally, it will abortion naturally without more than 50 days.

3. What causes biochemical pregnancy?(1) The cause of embryo, the inheritance of embryo chromosome is the most common cause, or naturally the survival of the fittest.(2) Maternal cause: Ovarian luteal dysfunction, lack of progesterone secretion, abnormal uterine endometrium, and impact on the bed.Uterine factors: uterine dysplasia, uterine mucosal fibroids, endometrial polyps, etc. affect fertilized eggs in bed.Immune factors: In recent years, the research on immune factors believes that the same kind of immunity and autoimmune situation will affect conception.(3) Father cause: Some studies have proved that sperm chromosomal abnormalities lead to biochemical abortion.(4) Environmental factors: Excessive contact with chemicals such as radiation, lead, formaldehyde, etc. can cause abortion.

Based on the above analysis, Xiao Yang is 35 years old. It has not been ruled out that considering the quality of eggs and poor embryonic development is the cause of biochemical pregnancy. Six and AMH detection of sex hormones and AMH after restoration of normal menstruation, the husband detects sperm vitality.

Biochemical pregnancy does not require the clear palace, but the blood HCG needs to be monitored regularly to see the degree of decline and exclude whether it has been excreted.Blood HCG is generated by fertilized eggs. The binding channel of essential eggs in the fallopian tube, indicating that there is a biochemical pregnancy, and it can also indicate that the fallopian tubes are unobstructed.After determining that the blood HCG has dropped to the normal level, you can plan to conceive next time.Under normal circumstances, normal menstruation will come at about 4 to 6 weeks after abortion.

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