What did the old pregnant woman eat on the first day of the third trimester?The key also saved a light …

On the first day of pregnancy.

Hello everyone, this day is the first day of my 28 weeks and the first day of my late pregnancy.There are 84 days before the due date, and it is about to be liberated.In more than three months, I was worried about my waist, but I did not expect that I still insisted on my waistline.

After looking at the mirror, I came to prepare lunch. At noon today, I ate loofah to buy vegetables, and a roast duck bought in Japan.This roast duck is not available in the supermarket. It is rare and specially bought from a product store.What did you learn for this roast duck for the first time?It is like this with an oven to bake it. It has two whole plates. One meal cannot be eaten.

So eat wings and legs at noon today.Today, I have to go to the area to do something, and there are 20 minutes left from the scheduled to go out, including the time to pack the table and the kitchen.So the wild meal time began, and I only gave myself for seven minutes to eat.The Japanese are not working to make Chinese food. It looks like it is very delicious and tasteless. Others do n’t believe it. It ’s been seven months old. I took a look at the mirror.Don’t believe it.

At noon, because the roast duck was not delicious, everyone everyone hurried out after eating a duck leg.In the evening, I was ready to save him, tore the duck meat, add a little coriander and onion, and tear the duck.How about it?I think I really paid for a genius, and I could come up with this point.

And after eating duck legs, the duck blood left is left.When I eat chicken, I will also pick up this part of the meat and stir -fry, because I think this part is not delicious no matter how I do it.It is still the old rules that put a lot of garlic minced garlic. This time because my throat was a bit uncomfortable, I did n’t make a lot of peppers inside, so I used a little pepper to adjust the color, a little pepper, a little pepper, a little pepper, and burning.Milk is okay.But because the addition of roasted gravy is actually sweet, I think it is okay. There is no smell of the duck itself at all, it is very fragrant, but my husband doesn’t seem to like to eat meals.a little.

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