What did this woman go through?Babies who have already bred forty weeks have died in the abdomen

Liu Li (pseudonym) was pregnant for 40 weeks when she came to Central South Hospital. Because the child in the belly had stopped fetal movement for three days, she also had a lower body bleeding infection, which may have Liu Li’s life at any time.

In order to take out the dead fetus in Liu Li’s belly as soon as possible, the doctor brought the surgery consent, hoping that Liu Li would find his family to sign.However, what everyone unexpected was that Liu Li, who was forty weeks during pregnancy, was irritable, closed his mouth, and ignored his life.

Seeing this, Professor Li Jiafu persuaded: You girl, you just ask which friend you came, and we can ask it.

Professor Li Jiafu persuaded bitterly

"I am a doctor, but I don’t know anything to you, how can I help you?"

"Oh, have you got married? You tell me."

"The body is your own. In case of any problems, regret it too late"

"And if you do not handle well, it will affect your pregnancy next time."

"Then your own mobile phone, you call me the phone."

"Hey, why are you so stubborn, I said it," Liu Li said impatiently.

"If you are a real person, why don’t you tell us the address of your family and your real name? The nurse next to him asked.

Faced with the continuous persuasion of the doctor, Liu Li was always refused to contact her family, but just lay on the bed and kept asking the doctor to surgery as soon as possible.

Inpatient to call

Watching Liu Li who said silently, helpless doctors could only let people notify the operating room to reserve beds first, and then contacted the police, hoping that they would help to coordinate Liu Li’s family members.

Soon, the police rushed to the hospital, and the doctor simply explained the situation to them.In order to avoid subsequent disputes, I hope they can help to coordinate.With the continuous persuasion of the police, Liu Li still kept his mouth away, not only couldn’t even say the date of birth, but even his blood type was very casual.

Seeing Liu Li’s situation worse, she realized that Liu Li had to perform surgery immediately.In order to prevent unnecessary doctors and patients after surgery, Director Li had to explain the risk of surgery under the testimony of the police, and then signed the handprint.

Police witness

In the fifth hour of hospitalization, Liu Li was finally pushed into the operating room, and the cause of death in her body was successfully taken out by the doctor.Considering the patient’s condition, the doctors in the whole process are treated for him according to the cheapest treatment plan.But in this case, Liu Li still owed more than 14,000 yuan in surgery.

In order not to affect the follow -up treatment, Dr. Li Jiafu had to persuade Liu Li.But the nurse who came at this time told him that Liu Li’s 26 -year -old medical record was fake.Because a fifteen -year -old girl came to visit her last night and called her mother.

Li Jiafu view the situation

In order to pay the cost of arrears in the hospital as soon as possible, Liu Li lying on the sick bed called around.However, when the man who claimed to be Liu Li’s husband came to the hospital, the doctor told her that patients needed to pay 134.The man said that after he didn’t bring so much money, he would never see it again.

And Liu Li could no longer call any relatives.In the end, Liu Li secretly left the hospital after paying 10,000.

For Director Li Jiafu, who has been in the industry for decades, the patient’s stealing cost of escape is already commonplace, but he is still sympathetic and distressed on Liu Li.He hasn’t experienced this situation a few times, but no matter what it is unspeakable, he should not be so stubborn in the face of life.

Li Jiafu expressed distress

I really don’t know what this woman has experienced.In the case of life and death, no one is still asking.Maybe there must be hateful people.

A woman has to experience many things in her life.There are many things to bear to get married, children, family, work, etc., which is not easy to be a woman.But no matter how the pressure we bear, how much the heart collapses, we can’t light up, don’t care for ourselves.

People live, life is always accompanied by storms. Female compatriots do not always live for others. Smart people are always living for themselves, and they can always keep the clouds.

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