What do I do every week after pregnancy?Novice parents must watch

What do you do every week after pregnancy?Many fetuses who welcomed new lives for the first time did not understand.Today, the editor sorted out the weekly status and dietary life suggestions from the 4th to 40th weeks of pregnancy.The experience of people who come here, it is recommended to collect it!

4 weeks of pregnancy

1. Pick up blood urine tests, confirm pregnancy

2. Continue eating folic acid

3. Stay away from the crowd dense places

5 weeks of pregnancy

1. Keep a happy mood

2. Adjust the action, do not bend over

6 weeks of pregnancy

1.B overcurrent in intrauterine pregnancy

2. Get up a glass of water early, eat more fruits to relieve pregnancy vomiting

3. Appointment for pregnancy examination items

7 weeks of pregnancy

1. Avoid sexual life

2. Don’t take urine, don’t take a bath

3. Select mild and breathable cotton materials for underwear

8 weeks of pregnancy

1. The first birth checkup, set up files at the hospital

2. Comecarted, change the underwear frequently

3. Eat whatever you can eat

9 weeks of pregnancy

1. Pay attention to the cleaning care of the breast

2. Keep sufficient sleep, but one hour at no lunch break

3. Drink 6 ~ 8 glasses of water every day to promote your body metabolism

10 weeks of pregnancy

1. Avoid noise pollution

2. Prepare chromosome congenital metabolism

3. Avoid using makeup

11 weeks of pregnancy

1. Massage increases skin elasticity

2. Eat DHA, phospholipids, iodine to promote the brain development of the fetus

3. Balanced nutrition, supplement protein

12 weeks of pregnancy

1.NT examination

2. Try to reduce the supper

3. Maintain simple and appropriate aerobic exercise daily

13 weeks of pregnancy

1. Start preparing clothes during pregnancy

2. Increase the amount of rice and provide more nutrition for the baby

14 weeks of pregnancy

1. Basically end, good eating

2. Food must be cooked

3. Persist in gymnastics every day

15 weeks of pregnancy

1. Donald syndrome and fetal malformation (remember to make an appointment in advance)

2. Go to the community and hospital courses

16 weeks of pregnancy

1. Feeling, recording the measuring fetal movement

2. According to American medical research statistics, normal people need to consume 2,000 calories per day, while pregnant women need to consume 300 ~ 500 calories.

17 weeks pregnant

1. Began to have a "fetal dream" and buy a good pregnant woman’s pillow to effectively promote your sleep.

2. Consult the doctor to do pregnancy yoga during pregnancy

18 weeks of pregnancy

1. Drink plenty of water during the day to supplement the body’s water and reduce liquid intake at night

2. Can be used for amniotic fluid puncture

19 weeks of pregnancy

1. Can do prenatal education activities

2. Consult the doctor, sexual behavior in the second trimester

3. Keep your mood happy

20 weeks of pregnancy

1. Datuzaki inspection

2. Try to sleep on the left bedroom side

21 weeks of pregnancy

1. Prepare to make an appointment for Yuexun/Confinement Center

2. Pay attention to warmth during pregnancy

3. Fake contractions, don’t worry

22 weeks of pregnancy

1. Need to supplement body fluid and eat fiber -rich foods to solve the problem of constipation.

2. Learn production, breast milk, childcare and other knowledge

23 weeks of pregnancy

1. Pay attention to control blood sugar in advance

2. Starting to buy a crib, it takes time to disperse

24 weeks of pregnancy

1. You need to do a blood glucose examination to avoid suffering from gestational diabetes

2. The baby becomes bigger, and the stomach may be uncomfortable

25 weeks of pregnancy

1. Do leg massage before going to bed, avoid standing or sitting in one place for a long time during the day

2. You can apply olive oil to avoid stretch marks

26 weeks of pregnancy

1. The baby’s hearing and vision is focusing on development. At this stage, you will feel tired. You usually develop the habit of lunch break

27 weeks of pregnancy

1. Your chest, abdomen, and legs are beginning to have stretch marks, and you can apply some olive oil appropriately

2. Eat more high -fiber foods, including vegetables, fruits, grains

28 weeks of pregnancy

1. Pseudo -contraction will start during this period, pay attention to consult a doctor

2. Pay attention to control weight

3. The body is bulky, pay attention to anti -slip

29 weeks of pregnancy

1. Eat less and eat less to avoid making yourself too full

2. Prevent premature birth and seek medical treatment in time

30 weeks of pregnancy

1. Continue to keep exercise and exercise the endurance, but reduce the strength of exercise

2. Two -time Qiqi Check

31 weeks of pregnancy

1. Count the fetal movement every day, use this method to judge the health status of the fetus

2. Start with nipple cream

32 weeks of pregnancy

1. Observe whether you have the phenomenon of edema of the limbs and be alert

2. Buy the supplies to be produced and keep your mood happy

33 weeks of pregnancy

1. The baby starts to move downwards, and the next baby will enter the basin at any time, about the delivery and caesarean section, and then listen to the doctor’s suggestion.

34 weeks of pregnancy

1. Understand Ramazize breathing method

2. A perineal massage reduce tear & side cutting

35 weeks of pregnancy

1. Make sure you are not infected with suspected bacteria B, because it will be transmitted to your baby, and let the doctor check for you

2. Persist in exercise to help

36 weeks of pregnancy

1. Felty heart monitoring

2. Basin bottom muscle training

3. Frequent urination will be more frequent

37 weeks of pregnancy

1. Some expectant mothers have begun to secrete milk and need to choose underwear suitable for breastfeeding

2. Understand the production process of the hospital

38 weeks of pregnancy

1. The body has entered a state of delivery, packed up to be born bags, and when you feel the regular contraction, you can go to the hospital

39 weeks of pregnancy

1. Routine production inspection

2. Relax, you can read some books about breastfeeding

40 weeks of pregnancy

If there is no signs of secretion, you need to be hospitalized for delivery. Although it can be delayed for a week, it is necessary to prepare in advance.

What you have to do now is to cherish the good time of your baby in the stomach, a cute baby from being found to the ground.It is a long expectation.

I wish every mother who can meet their own baby smoothly!

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