What do pregnant women do not like to hear during pregnancy?The speaker has no intention, but every sentence is sad

Guide: The process of breeding life is full of hardships and difficulties, but the hard -working pregnant mothers are often put on a "hypocritical" hat by their families.The husband does not understand that it is a very ordinary sentence. Why does pregnant women have such a big response?

Ms. Wang, who was 7 months pregnant, filed a divorce to her husband, and for a while, her mother -in -law and her mother had exploded.In the eyes of everyone, Ms. Wang’s husband was honest, and she did not make a big mistake that violated the principle of violations.But Ms. Wang said, "Pregnancy made me see a person clearly."

It turned out that Ms. Wang was more than 30 pounds after pregnancy, and the whole person and before pregnancy were judged as two, which made her a little frustrated and anxious.

And Ms. Wang’s husband is an unobstructed person. After notice that his wife becomes fat, he often laughed at her "ugly", and even when outsiders were present, they would not "show mercy" at all.Essence

"You are like a pig now!"

"You must give me a boy, otherwise the girl will not be as fat as you, and you will definitely not marry in the future."

"I’m afraid it’s not that nutrition has been absorbed by yourself? I’m so pitiful my son!"

One day late at night, Ms. Wang, who didn’t eat much dinner, felt a little hungry, and worried that she would be hungry to her baby quietly to go to the kitchen.

But just as she cooked noodles with her belly, her husband who got up at night "rebuked", "I also get up in the middle of the night to steal it. I see you are really not far from the sow."

When she heard her husband said that she was a "sow", Ms. Wang, who was aggrieved, couldn’t stop flowing.After seeing the daughter -in -law crying, Ms. Wang’s husband was surprised, "Do you have such a little thing? Do you grow so fat and not let others say it?

During the demeanor period of divorce, Ms. Wang said, "I remember every word that night, and thank the babies in my stomach for letting me find that his father does not love me at all!"It is even more needed to be loved and respected.

"Your skin looks worse and worse, it is really incomparable to before pregnancy."

After pregnancy, the secretion of hormones in pregnant women has changed sharply, which makes their skin more sensitive. Therefore, pregnant women are prone to dry skin, peeling, etc., and even some pregnant women will have pregnancy spots.

Coupled with the low frequency of using cosmetics during pregnancy during pregnancy, this also makes their "face value" state decline.For pregnant mothers, it is not easy to accept such pregnancy changes. They are easily defensive because they are "ugly".

"You have to eat even if you don’t like to eat.

After pregnancy, the sensory system of pregnant women becomes more sensitive, especially in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers who are troubled by early pregnancy reactions will show obvious loss of appetite.In the second trimester, excessive supplementary diet arrangements will also make pregnant women very resistant to greasy dishes.However, in order to ensure that the baby’s nutrition can keep up, the diet preferences of pregnant mothers are often "selectively ignored" by their families. It seems that people who are about to be a mother have no "ingredients selection right".It’s not easy to feel.

"The best boy is a boy, otherwise you still have to have a second child."

The child is the mother’s heart. Whether it is a boy or a girl, as long as the baby is safe and healthy, the mother will be content.However, if the family is too "begging for children", then this "must have a boy" suggestion will make the pregnant mother feel very stressful.The birth of life is amazing, but I believe that every pregnant mother is very disgusted with others regarding themselves as a "fertility tool".

After pregnancy, the emotional pressure of pregnant women’s hearts is more consumed than the fatigue on their bodies.The skin becomes poor and the body is going to make the pregnant mothers have to soothe yourself again and again. "It will be good after giving birth.

"I ca n’t swallow, but I have to be forced to make up. The pregnant mothers have to have time and time again, frowning and comforting themselves."

When the hard work and efforts are unable to be considerate and understood, pregnant mothers can only be forced to be a lonely man.The crying of emotional stress was regarded as a small question, and they could only force themselves to smile and disguise themselves.

Those who have not experienced fertility can not suffer the feeling of pregnant women at all, and even say that they will take it all as a matter of course, because "a woman will have children."

According to relevant data, the percentage of prenatal depression in my country is as high as 10%-20%, and 70%-90%of pregnant women have depression during pregnancy.

The family of "outsiders" may not understand the emotional distress of pregnant women, but every sentence they say "ridicule" and "ridicule" will really hurt people without knowing themselves.


The degree of terror of prenatal depression is enough to destroy a family. When the pregnant mother is troubled by depression, the love of the family is the sun that helps them to open the haze.Language damage is sometimes more harmful than physical damage. The closest person, please don’t hurt people’s hearts.

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