What do pregnant women pay attention to after pregnancy?

When the pregnancy test stick appears "two bars", when we first know about pregnancy, we are always happy, laughing and laughing, laughing and crying, …

But after "joy", I started the confusion of my entire pregnancy: "What should I do in the first step? What should I eat? What can I do? What can I do?? When did you build a big card? When did you get a maternity check? Wait, etc. … "I was full of doubts.

It is because the hot mother is such a "coming person", so today I wrote this "Secret Diary" to you, specifically "solving confusion"!Hurry up and take a look!

Do not think that the pregnancy test stick has two bars. If you do it, you can go to the hospital for blood tests and take a good examination.

In addition to determining that you are pregnant, it is more important to see the indicator of blood tests. See if your HUMAN Chorionic Gonadotropin) and progesterone are met for the standards.

Don’t underestimate these two indicators.These two indexes are very important indicators for early pregnancy!(Specifically, please check the hot mother’s "[Precautions for Pregnancy]? HOT Mom secretly tells you!")

For more than 42 days, you can basically confirm whether the baby is in the palace or outside the palace through the B -ultrasound (but in fact, the experienced doctors see your HCG double and the progesterone’s index.It’s!)

Therefore, it is important to go to the hospital for examination!

There are many taboos in pregnancy, such as you can’t do these icons!Anyway, it is bad habits, you must avoid it!

Dietary, balanced nutrition, and controlling the weight of pregnancy must be controlled!As for which foods can be eaten and which foods cannot be eaten during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can directly find the "can you eat" tools on some maternal and infant apps, take a good look, or enter the food name to check it.Essence

It is worth noting that when preparing to build a card, you must choose the hospital you prepare for production, because once a large card is built, it is a very very troublesome thing to return the hospital, and some hospitals may not give you this operationSo, remember!

It is different from person to person!HOT mothers did not respond throughout their pregnancy, but the baby was very healthy and clever.Therefore, it is not related to pregnancy and cleverness.No pregnancy is not a bad thing.It is a good thing for pregnancy, because the response is great, indicating that the child’s HCG doubles is ideal, and your progesterone is also very good.

The content of the inspection is different, don’t be stupid anymore!

Big rows can be said to be the most important and most tense examination of pregnant mothers throughout pregnancy.Because large rows of deformed is a comprehensive check of whether the child is deformed, of course, some small indicators may not be able to detect (such as fingers, toes, ears, etc.), but most of the baby can see it.It is a large row.This is responsible for both you and your children.

Only at least three times a day) can we know whether the baby is normal today, whether there is a hypoxia, and whether there is a condition.There are many pregnant mothers just forget this, so the baby knows after the situation is in the situation … So remember that several fetal movements are very, very, very important!(Remember the three "very" "HOT Mom!)

Pioneering heart monitoring is also a very important thing in the late pregnancy. It will not have a bad impact on the baby, but you can understand the situation of TA in your belly.Basically, every maternity check in your late pregnancy opens with "fetal heart monitoring"!It will intuitively understand your baby’s heartbeat, heart rate, and whether there are hypoxia.Therefore, it is also an indispensable inspection item for the post -pregnancy checkup.

This is a question that almost all mothers will consider and confuse.Of course, the final decision is still you.HOT mother just gives suggestions: can be smooth, because it is good for you and children.If the doctor suggested that you give birth, then it must be your indicators that meet the conditions of the delivery, then you should not retract; if the doctor recommends that you have a cesarean section, then it means that your baby is not suitable for delivery, then you have to listen to the doctor.Therefore, don’t blindly make a decision by yourself, but to listen to your attending doctor what to say!

Some pregnant mothers will be puzzled: "I haven’t reached the due date yet, why is it going to be born? Is it premature?" HOT mother told you: "Not necessarily!"

As long as you are pregnant "37 weeks", then your baby is already "full moon"!Anyone who gives birth to the moon is not a premature infant.The so -called premature infant refers to a baby born earlier than 37 weeks of pregnancy.Therefore, the due date is only a calculation date. Under normal circumstances, the time for having a child may be at any day of 37 to 42 weeks.So don’t worry about one week or two days later!

Do not have to cut the side!(Like the HOT mother, there is no side cut, but it is less than 1cm to tear.) So don’t be too scared, the midwife will judge whether you want to cut the side according to your situation, and the side cutting is just to help you give your delivery better and faster, so, Put your focus on "life"!

After watching it, I am not assured, worrying about not comprehensive?

So you can read the HOT mother’s "[Precautions for Pregnancy]?HOT Mom secretly tells you!"oh!Presumably these two secret diaries add up, it is enough to "keep you all", hahaha ~

In the end, HOT Mom wishes you a smooth and successful whole pregnancy, healthy births, mother and child are safe!Remember to "reward the good" after giving birth!come on!

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