What do pregnant women who are pregnant for five months need to pay attention to?Do a good job of adjusting these points for you

Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong have not been pregnant for three years. Many fans are anxious for them, but today it has been officially confirmed that Liu Shishi has been pregnant for five months and expects the baby to come.New members.For a happy family, the birth of new members is a happy thing for every parent, but during the five months of pregnancy, you need to pay attention to the health of all aspects.

As the mothers start to grow slowly, some behaviors and habits need to be changed in life, which also includes dietary changes.When pregnant women are more than five months old, the response of early pregnancy during pregnancy gradually disappears. At this time, expectant mothers who have a good appetite should not eat high -calorie diet, so as not to cause obesity, and then cause pregnancy hyperglycemia. It is recommended to eat less less.Due to meals.During this period, the baby’s skin tissue also began to grow and grow in the mother’s belly, so eat less salt in the diet, eat more foods that are good for calcium supplementation of bones, and food that supplements iron.Pregnant women should pay special attention.

In order to have good growth and development, expectant mothers need to supplement various nutrition, especially zinc. This trace element is the key to directly affecting the heart development of the fetus. Supplementing zinc can increase the fetus and mother’s body.Immunity, so expectant mothers should eat more foods such as animal liver.Then there is the necessary Tang family screening to detect whether the baby has congenital diseases. It can also give the expectant mothers a psychological preparation and adjust it. If you have any questions, you can consult the doctor in a timely manner.

Speaking of this, someone will definitely say that eating so many things. What should I do if pregnant women have constipation?In fact, even if pregnant women do not eat so many things, because hormones are unbalanced after pregnancy, constipation will occur.Here I will tell you that cellulose can soften stools and promote intestinal peristalsis. Specific mothers can eat more foods containing such substances.Rice is replaced with coarse grains. Fruits and vegetables should not eat less fruits with seeds such as kiwi and strawberries. Finally, it is appropriate exercise. It can increase the movement of the intestines of pregnant women to help pregnant women improve constipation.

It is easy to get tired during pregnancy. It is best to maintain high -quality sleep for more than seven or eight hours a day. The left side of sleeping or heating on the left side allows blood circulation to flow. It is helpful for the fetus and pregnant women.Sleeping late.Then pregnant women need to pay attention to these things in daily life.

When you do the birth check -up at 25 weeks of pregnancy, including the deformed examination, etc., you can do different inspections according to the non -passing time.At the time, be careful not to be too fierce and frequent, mainly the body of pregnant women; stay away from noise pollution to avoid damage to the baby’s hearing; pregnant women should not smoke and drink, and take drugs casually; there is also an appropriate amount of pregnant women’s exercise, not fatigue.In October, the mother was the hardest. During this time, pregnant women were also the most important.

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