What do you eat without menstruation?What are the causes of menstruation?What should I do if I do n’t come to menstruation?

Menstruation is a normal physiological phenomenon of female friends, and usually occurs in women with fertility.The period of menstruation is affected by many factors, and diet, pressure, and genetic may have an impact.In the end, some friends found that their own menstruation was abnormal, and menstruation never came. So what is the situation?What should I do in the face of this situation?

What to eat without menstruation

Menstruation is no stranger to every female friend, because every menstrual menstruation will accompany us on time.But sometimes I find that I have reached the cycle, but menstruation is still delayed.So is there any diet to help us?What will be helpful when you do n’t have menstruation?

1. Motherwater juice porridge

First of all, add the prepared motherwort juice and cricket juice and ginger juice, add a few drops of honey, and then cook the rice into porridge. After the rice porridge is boiled, pour the tuned motherwort juice into the porridge.After stirring, you can eat it for a few minutes.

The main efficacy of motherwort juice porridge is nourishing yin and nourishing blood and conditioning menstrual cycle.Most of the menstruation is caused by irregular menstruation, and this food is just applicable to women’s irregular menstruation, etc. It is also necessary to pay attention to adding green onions and leek when eating this food.

2. Clear liver meridian soup

Motherwort, white peony, mountain garden, vine, etc. prepared food, put them in the pot and start to make soup, and then eat it directly.In addition to the efficacy of this food, there are efficacy such as clearing liver and relieving depression and removing stasis.It has a therapeutic effect on delayed menstruation or advanced menstruation and excessive menstruation.

3. Periden bean mutton soup

Prepare tempeh and lamb, then put the lamb and tempeh in the pot and cook them, and then add the seasoning to eat it. This food is best to stick to it for a week before it can produce the effect.The effect of tempeh and mutton soup is mainly to have the effects of dispersing the body of the body. The reason why the menstruation is not great is because the coldness of the body is too large. It just happens that the mutton can remove the cold and help the menstruation coming soon.Elastic

What are the causes of menstruation?

Menstruation often measures the health of a woman, but when the menstruation is not delayed, it is likely to be caused by your physical illness.So what are the reasons that cause menstruation?

1. Pregnancy causes

We all know that the most obvious symptom after pregnancy is that menstruation does not come.Therefore, for women with sexual life, if their menstruation has not arrived after 7 days after the normal cycle is postponed, you can choose to choose a test with early pregnancy test paper to determine whether the cause of your menstruation is caused by pregnancy.

2. Medical side effects

Many drugs have side effects. If you take the side effects with a lot of side effects such as diet pills or avoiding medicine before menstruation, it may cause the endocrine disorders of female friends, and then the menstrual period will not be delayed.

3. Surgery causes

If surgery has been performed before menstruation, surgery also has an impact on menstruation. For example, uterine surgery, etc., will cause congestion to remain in the uterus, causing menstruation or delay of menstruation.

4. Pathological factors

When the body occurs, menstruation will not come.For example, pituitary tumors, premature ovarian failure, or problems of uterus can cause problems.

5. Other factors

In addition to the factors mentioned above, when your recent mental stress is too large or the daily life is not good or the diet is improper, these factors will also affect the menstrual cycle, so it may also cause menstruation to fail.

What to do if menstruation does not come

Sometimes menstruation is caused by poor rest in recent times, or it may be caused by diseases. No matter what kind of reason, it is a torture for people with menstruation.At this moment, what they want most is to hope that their menstruation comes soon to avoid being worried.What should we do when menstruation does not come?

1. Test pregnancy

When menstruation cannot come, we first need to test whether we are pregnant. For menstruation caused by pregnancy, you don’t have to worry, because this is a normal phenomenon after pregnancy.The way to test pregnancy can choose to use the pregnancy test stick or early pregnancy test strip to test pregnancy. You can also go to the hospital to do B -ultrasound to detect pregnancy.

2. Disease treatment

When you find that your menstruation does not come because of the disease, you must first go to the hospital for a detailed physical examination to find out the specific cause of menstruation, and then immediately actively receive treatment after discovering the disease.

3. Diet adjustment

When the diet does not come, you need to pay attention to daily dietary problems, ensure your health and nutritional balance, develop a good eating habit, and you can eat more blood and iron supplement foods in normal times.For example, red dates and pork liver, but avoid eating cold and irritating foods.

4. Emotional adjustment

If the mental stress is high and the menstruation does not come, you need to pay attention to controlling your emotions, maintain a good psychological state, reduce the negative emotions of depression or anxiety, and learn to relax.

Is it pregnant?

If your menstrual cycle has always been normal, but his recent menstrual cycle has been disrupted.Most people’s first thoughts are pregnant.You know, the most obvious symptom of pregnancy is to discontinue menstruation. Is it pregnant?

The most obvious symptoms after pregnancy are the occurrence of menopause, but it does not mean that menstruation is not necessarily pregnant.When my previous menstrual cycle has always been normal, this time has not yet come after the normal cycle. You can consider whether it is a pregnancy factor. Therefore, you can choose to use a pregnancy test stick or go to the hospital to check whether you are pregnant.Especially after 7 days of menstruation, you need to pay more attention to whether you are pregnant.

Therefore, menstruation does not necessarily mean pregnancy, but it does not rule out the possibility of pregnancy.This requires our specific situation to perform specific analysis.After exclusion is not the possibility of pregnancy, then check the specific reasons that do not come to menstruation.Then find the cause of menstruation, and then cooperate with treatment.

Three menstrual menstrual hazards

It is normal for menstruation to be delayed for a week. The delay of menstruation may not come for one month may be because the recent pressure is too great, which causes irregular menstruation due to endocrine disorders.However, some friends found that they have not been menstruation for three months, and they are very scared inside.Is it harmful to menstruation for three months?What are the dangers?

1. Trigger bad emotions

If you do not come for a long time, you will first lead to anxiety in women, because they will worry about their menstruation from time to time.And long -term menstruation may indicate premature failure of women’s ovaries. When ovarian function problems occur, emotional irritability or depression will occur, and some women even have the same period of time.

2. Temperature gynecological diseases

Menstruation is actually the endometrium of women’s uterine or secretions with some impurities in the body, which means that the excluded menstruation is equivalent to the abandonment of the human body., In the end, it may lead to gynecological diseases.

3. Cause infertility

The premise of women’s ovulation is that women’s menstruation is normal. If menstruation does not come for a long time, the quality of ovulation and eggs will be affected. If menstruation fails in time, serious may cause women to be infertility.Essence

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