What do you need to pay attention to before on the ring, and what should I do if I bleed and vomit after the upper ring?

Many women are not unfamiliar, and shelters are placed in women’s body.The upper ring is a surgical operation.If the surgery is improper, it is also easy to cause complications such as infection and bleeding.Therefore, there are some precautions before women on the ring, which cannot be ignored.

What are the precautions before the upper ring

1. Before the female goes, a comprehensive physical examination, gynecological examination, blood routine, etc. need to be performed.

2. Women must avoid sexual life three days before the upper ring, and at the same time avoid pot baths to avoid causing infection.

3. Pay attention to cleaning the vulva and keep the vulva cleaning when taking a bath the day before the upper ring.In addition, on the day of the upper ring, we must carry items such as sanitary napkins, pads.

4. Female friends before the upper ring should measure blood pressure, body temperature, and pulse.Patients with abnormal measurement results cannot be on the ring.For example, women’s temperature requires that women’s body temperature cannot exceed 37.5 ° C.

5. Before the beginning of the ring, female friends should empty their urine in advance.

What are the precautions after the on -board

1. Keep the vulva clean and hygiene

Sheung Wan is a surgical operation. Therefore, in order to avoid infection, female friends should keep the vulva clean and hygienic after surgery.At the same time, use warm water to clean the private parts every night.And diligently replace underwear.

2. Rest properly

After women in the ring, the cervix buckle will be relatively loose and the ring is easy to fall off. Therefore, it is best to rest at home for two days after Shanghai. Do not do physical work or do a large amount of exercise.When urinating, try not to hold your breath hard, so as not to increase the abdominal pressure and cause the decrease.

3. Pay attention to observation

Female friends will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding, slight lower abdomen pain and leucorrhea a few days before the lane.It usually disappear after a few days.However, if you have too much bleeding and last for more than 1 week, or obvious abdominal pain and fever symptoms, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

4. Be careful

Women are unable to live in sexual life within two weeks after Shanghai. Of course, a few women will have a "ring pregnancy" after the Sheung Wan.Therefore, if there is a amenorrhea, nausea, and vomiting after Shanghai, you should go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

5. Regular follow -up

In the first month after the lane, women have to go to the hospital for review. Three months (half a year) after the upper ring or have to be reviewed again.After that, it is reviewed every other year.

6. Prevents falling off

Women will have a increase in menstrual flow after the wound. Therefore, pay attention to observing whether the ring has fallen with menstrual blood. If it occurs, be sure to go to the hospital for examination and replace the appropriate model.

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