What do you pay attention to when you are pregnant

Pregnancy is a good time every woman expects, but during pregnancy, women need to pay attention to many matters to ensure the health of the fetus and their own safety.This article will introduce you in detail what you need to pay attention to during pregnancy.

1. Balanced nutrition

During pregnancy, nutritional intake is very important for fetuses and mothers.Women should pay attention to nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.At the same time, we should avoid eating foods containing a lot of fat and sugar to reduce weight growth and risk of gestational diabetes.

2. Avoid strenuous exercise

During pregnancy, women should avoid strenuous exercise, such as running and jumping.This is because strenuous exercise may have an adverse effect on the fetus, increasing the risk of abortion and premature birth.However, proper mild exercise is also very important for maintaining health and joy.

Third, keep your mood happy

During pregnancy, women’s body and emotions will change greatly, so it is important to maintain a happy mood.You can soothe nervousness by listening to music, reading, and doing yoga, and reduce stress and anxiety as much as possible.

4. Avoid contact with harmful substances

During pregnancy, women should avoid contact with harmful substances, such as chemicals, tobacco, alcohol, etc.These substances may adversely affect the fetus, leading to fetal malformations and premature birth.Therefore, it is important to keep the indoor air fresh and avoid harmful substances.

5. Regular checkup

During pregnancy, women should conduct regular inspection.You can understand the development of the fetus and the physical condition of the mother through the checkup, and timely discover and solve the problem.At the same time, you can accept the doctor’s advice to protect the health of the fetus and mother.

In short, women need to pay attention to many matters during pregnancy, including balanced nutrition, avoiding strenuous exercise, maintaining a happy mood, avoiding harmful substances, and regular production inspection.The implementation of these measures can ensure the health of the fetus and the safety of the mother.

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