What does it feel like entering the pot?How long will the fetus be born after entering the basin?These three symptoms are about giving birth to baby!

Many of our pregnant mothers have increased during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. Everyone is more concerned about the problem of the fetus into the pot.Many pregnant mothers will ask: How long does it take to enter the basin in the general fetus?How long does it take to give birth after the fetus enters the basin?In response to these issues, first of all, let’s find out what is the pot?

Entering the pot is the posture of the fetus in the surrounding of amniotic fluid and fetal membranes, with the head facing down, upward, and curlinging throughout the body, so that the head can enter the pelvic cavity through the pelvic inlet of the mother’s body to consolidate the position of the body.The entire potting time may not be completed in half a minute.

When the fetus enters the basin, the pregnant mother will feel that the abdomen is tightened and accompanied by the pain.Under normal circumstances, the fetus mostly enters the basin at 36-37 weeks of pregnancy, some will enter the basin at 32–34 weeks, and some will not enter the pot until childbirth.In short, the fetus is different from person to person.So, how long will the fetus be born after entering the basin?

1. Seeing red: Seeing red is a small amount of red or brown secretions secreted from the vagina. If this is already red, it usually gives birth in 12–24 hours.There are also longer or shorter for delivery. Time varies from person to person.

2. Breaking water: Breaking water means that the fetal membrane is ruptured, and some colorless and transparent liquid flows out of the pregnant woman. This situation is mostly delivered within a few hours.

3. contraction: The regular uterine contraction starts every ten minutes, and it is gradually every few minutes. The interval between the uterine contraction is getting shorter and shorter, and the faster you will give birth.

By the end of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should be prepared to go to the hospital at any time, but don’t be too nervous, relax, and wait patiently for the baby to report.I wish pregnant mothers a good pregnancy!

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