What does it mean to "spit on your arms and urinate"?The difference is not a star. The pregnant mother knows that it has benefited early

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Many pregnant women may vomit and die during pregnancy, but some have not spit; some pregnant mothers are very vomiting, and their second child will not vomit, but frequently go to the toilet.Many people do not know what’s going on. There is an old saying that can perfectly explain this situation.

Xiaoli’s personal experience is the reality of this old saying.The bile spit out when she had a tip, but forced herself to eat for her child’s health.I didn’t want to suffer again and did not intend to have a second child, but I didn’t expect it but I was pregnant unexpectedly.

This time with the second child, she made good psychological preparations in advance. I didn’t expect that she didn’t vomit much, but the frequent urination was very serious.She didn’t understand why she was also pregnant, the first child vomited so badly, but the second child was frequent?My mother -in -law told her that this was caused by the different positions of the child.The tire is pregnant, so the vomiting is great.

After listening to her mother -in -law, Xiaoli felt that it really made sense. In fact, there is a scientific basis for "spitting up, urine", and the difference between the two is not a star. The pregnant mother knows that it has benefited early.

This is because the upper fetus is closer to the upper half of the belly, and the stomach is in the abdominal cavity, and the relationship with the uterus is up and down.As the fetus grows slowly, pregnancy vomiting may be more serious.

The frequent urine is because the fetus is close to the lower half of the stomach. As the uterus becomes larger every day, the squeezing of the bladder will become more and more serious. Therefore, pregnant women will have frequent urination.Normal pregnancy reactions, prospective mothers should look at it objectively.

Knowing the reasons why the upper and nostalgia and urinating, then why some pregnant women are upset, some are nostalgic, or the tires are pregnant, and the second child is in the heart?The upper and lower soverers are related to these two factors.

1. The width of the pelvis

The width of the pelvic bone of the pregnant woman determines that the baby is in the pelvis. If the pelvis is wide, the baby will be deeper into the pelvis, and it will appear.In fact, it can be seen from the shape of the pregnant mother’s belly.If the belly falls and the belly shape is relatively sharp, it means that the symptoms of frequent urination may occur.

If the pregnant mother’s pelvic bone is narrow, the baby will be lighter, the belly is relatively large, and the belly shape will be round.In other words, it is likely to vomit the darkness during pregnancy.Therefore, pregnant mothers must be prepared for psychological preparations. Although they will vomit very hard, they must eat more to supplement nutrition.

2. The position of the fetus in the mother’s body

The fetus will affect the position of the mother’s body, which is actually the same as the baby’s entry into the pot.In the upper half of the mother’s body, the upper body of the pregnant woman is oppressed, and the lower body is oppressed.The pregnant mother who is pregnant will gradually become better after the baby enter the basin, and the sense of oppression will also be transferred from the stomach to the bladder.

Although Shanghuai and Xiaoshuang will bring bad experiences to pregnant mothers, this is a process that must be experienced by pregnancy, so pregnant mothers should treat them with ordinary heart, and they will get used to when they slowly adapt to their bodies.If the tire vomit is severe, don’t worry too much about the second child will be caught. The baby’s fetal position is different.Check regularly to give birth to a baby smoothly.

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