What does the child dream that the old cow is whipped?

A key high school demonstration class classmate dreams of a ruthless whipping with a cow, and he feels particularly cool. After the fight, he feels a little bit of pain, and he will feed some feeds to comfort the cow.

The parents of the visitors did not read many books in their early years, and it was a good life after suffering a lot of sins.After the birth of the son, the parents instill the importance of reading for their children and ask their children to study hard. During the growth of the child, the parents also create the most powerful environment for children’s development as much as possible.

When the child was in kindergarten, he was praised by the teacher. It was the kind of active baby. The mother was happy and felt that the child might be the kind of good -raising baby.In elementary school, he was excellent and literary and artistic. He was treated as a key seedlings by the class teacher in the school.The child is well studied, and the teacher is rely on in life, and the mother is approaching with the teacher.

The junior high school was originally divided by the area, and the mother’s trustee turned her son to a key junior high school.The child has just been uncomfortable to junior high school, and the students around them are good. The child has no advantage here. There seems to be some problems with emotions and interpersonal relationships.Mom reported to the child various tutoring classes. Some subjects directly asked their tutors, and the children quickly highlighted their grades.After the grades are good, the child seems to have improved in interpersonal relationships and emotions, and there can be three or five friends in school.

In high school, he was admitted to a key high school in this city.The students were top students from all counties and districts. The visitors could not stand the prominent on the new environment, and they couldn’t stand it.Children often ask for leave, either headache, or uncomfortable stomach.

Parents are worried about their children’s academic performance because of their children frequently.Therefore, the child goes to the hospital as soon as he has a problem. Every time he grabs some, take some medicine to rest for a day or two and slowly reduce it.

The last weekend, the child went home and said that he wanted to take the art test, and the parents did not agree.The child went to school on Sunday afternoon and said a headache on Monday.After returning home, my mother changed another hospital to take the child to see a doctor. After the doctor checked, she went home and returned home.After returning home, the child had a headache and reduced it. He didn’t want to take medicine. He said to his parents and didn’t want to go to school anymore.Mom and dad were very anxious. They asked the child why they didn’t want to study. The child said that he couldn’t learn. He was asleep as soon as he class. He felt that he had no hope that he had been admitted to a better university.Mom and dad communicate with the head teacher. The head teacher feeds the child who does not have enough concentration in class, but the child’s grade is okay. As long as you do not retreat, it is not a problem to take a certain college in Xi’an in the future.

The child stayed at home for two days and was sent to school.When I arrived at the school, it was useless to say a headache and crying alone.The head teacher suggested that parents take their children to see psychological counseling and chatting.

The ox in the child’s dream symbolizes the parents who pay for himself like an ox.He beat the ox, symbolizing his parents who asked him too much, and worried that he could not do it, and he resisted his parents in the dream.After beating the ox for feeding, it symbolizes that I feel sorry for my parents, guilty of psychological guilt, and comforting their parents with some "achievements" that make them happy.

Children’s reality is not too bad, but he has always been used to the feeling of being treated specially since he was a child. For example, in kindergarten does not focus on learning, teachers are easy to see the children’s advantages, so if there is no prominent ones, there are no prominent ones.In the problem, teachers can still evaluate their children positively. Some parents do not have a reasonable awareness of their babies, they think that their children are different.When the child goes to elementary school, he will gradually be over -played from the kindergarten to the state of learning to evaluate. At the beginning of the elementary school, it is relatively simple at first. Some children may have studied before school.You can learn to work hard, and your parents can basically counsel.The economy is acceptable. At this time, parents will also report some extra -curricular interests to their children. Children are generally versatile when they come to school.The visitors are the best of them. He not only learns well, but also has outstanding talents, but also relies on the teacher.

In this case, the child was spent in junior high school to transfer the child to key junior high school. The child had no advantage at the beginning. Parents used make -up classes to help their children stabilize their status. His study highlights interpersonal relationships and emotions.Children have always been held like this. It seems that if they do n’t work hard, they can be treated by the “stars support the moon”. The child ’s psychology may form him special. He needs to be treated specially.Essence

In high school, there are more schoolworks. Parents can no longer help their children. Children are in school for most of the week. The time to make up lessons becomes less. Through a certain efforts, the child is a medium level. Compared with the previous "outstanding",It feels that he can’t stand it.The child was worried that he had disappointed his parents, could not say to his parents, and had some physical symptoms.In fact, the child has a little understanding of himself, but he does not allow himself to see the truth, so he uses physical symptoms to express.

The child actively finds himself for himself. If he wants to take the art test, he is not allowed.

If this frustrated child can’t bear it, he uses a series of symptoms, emotions, and behavioral problems.

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