What does the hair under women’s strong hair represent? Do you want to scrape it?Doctors analyze the advantages and disadvantages

Xiao Ou has a thick and dark long hair, which is very enviable no matter where he goes, but what others do not know is that except for thick hair, her hair is lush hair, such as sweat and leg hair, including private parts, including private partsThe hair is also very lush, compared with the thick hair, which makes people more troublesome.

"I used to want to consult a doctor. I don’t know if Mao Mao is so normal, but I am not very embarrassed. I also told my friends that I wanted to scrape my hair, because in the summer, especially in the physiological period, the following below, the following belowAlways itching, but my friend advised me not to scrape it easily, and didn’t know what to do … "Xiao Ou said in trouble.

Each normal female genitals will have pubic hair, and some are lush and sparse. If it is too dense, it will indeed add some cleansing difficulty.So what is caused by too thick hair?Do you need to scrape it?You can listen to the advice of a professional doctor.

In fact, the strong hair of women’s private parts is generally divided into two cases. There are normal physiological development. It may also be due to the strong hair caused by physical lesions. These two situations need to be paid attention to identify.The hospital was treated.

1. Normal situation

Affected by genetic factors or surrounding environment, during the development of youth, the level of hormones in girls, especially the level ofrogen, may increase rapidly, and the increase in androgen will cause the growth of the body’s hair, hair, sweat, eyebrows, and private parts hair.It will grow lush.

In addition to normal physiological development, women’s hormone levels will also be affected during pregnancy, and the chances ofrogens will increase the hair of the vulva in the vulva.

In these two cases, it is normal for women’s pussy hair to be dense. There is no need to worry. As long as the activities such as life and learning are not affected, the strong private parts can not have to be artificial intervention.

2. Pathological cause

The polycystic ovarian syndrome may also lead to strong hair in private parts. This is an endocrine disease that is common in girls at the age of childbearing age.Mao strong.

Therefore, in fact, due to this pathological influence, not only will the hair of the private parts become dense, but the hair and the hair of the hair and the body will suddenly increase.

The specific symptoms may be manifested as: irregular menstruation, sudden increase in hair, and acne on the face. If these symptoms appear in the body, you need to pay attention. It is best to go to gynecology to do a comprehensive physical examination.

It is worth noting that in the cognition of many people, it is believed that the hair of women’s private parts is mostly a manifestation of strong fertility, but in fact, this is a prejudice that has no scientific basis. On the contrary, if the hair is strong, if the hair is comprehensiveIf it is caused, in fact, women can easily be infertile.

Many people may have the habit of trimming and scraping the hair of private parts. They think that the hair of the private part is useless, but is this really the case?

From all over the body, we have evolved into human beings who walk upright. Most of the hair of the body has degraded, and the remaining hair of the remaining hair from generation to generation has their own use.At the same time, you can keep the fragile head insulation, and the function of the hair is basically similar to the hair.

1. Avoid scraping and collision

During the primitive tribal period, people’s production level is limited. The clothing used to cover the body is generally natural plants such as leaves and straw. People need to carry out various production labor dailyMore delicate, at this time, the hair in the private part can play a certain protective role. When running or walking, it may prevent the collision of foreign bodies such as branches.

In addition, the hair of the private parts can also play a role in preventing friction when both men and women perform the same room to avoid accidental scratching the skin of the private parts, and it can also play a certain function of preventing sexually transmitted transmission.

2. Keep warm for private parts

As we all know, the hair and hair of the private parts are different. The hair of the private parts is generally curved. Although this shape will feel the cluttered visually, in fact, such a structure will form a small warm space.It plays a role in heat preservation.

3. Blocking the invasion of virus bacteria

This role may subvert some traditional cognition. Everyone generally believes that the messy hair of private parts can cause bacteria breeding and affect the hygiene and safety of private parts.But in fact, the wool in the private parts avoids the direct contact of some viruses and bacteria, and isolates the invasion of the reproductive system.

In addition, because women’s physiological structure is very vulnerable to the invasion of foreign germs, the hair of the private parts will block sweat blocked into the vagina, causing bacteria to breed inflammation, and hair is a safe barrier of the human body.

The lush private parts is a big problem for many people, especially when encountering a physiological period in the hot summer. The material of the sanitary napkin is generally water absorption cotton. This material is not conducive to breathable.It is very easy to breed bacteria for a long time.

Can women scrape the pussy hair?What are the advantages and disadvantages of shaving?What are the problems when shaving?

1. The benefits of shaving

Obviously, the advantage of scraping the hair is that it can make it look cleaner and beautiful. When swimming and wearing a swimsuit in summer, there will be no embarrassment of pussy hair.

After the hair is scraped, there will be no smell of bacteria breeding. The daily cleanup will become simpler and more convenient. It is more breathable at high temperature weather, and it is not easy to breed bacteria. The pussy in the physiological period will not have such a strong sweltering and discomfort.

2. Disadvantages of shaving

After scraping the pubic hair, if there is a germs on the personal clothes, the protection of the natural barrier of pubic hair is more likely to be invaded by the germs.And sweat has no obstacles, and it is easy to flow into the reproductive organs.

Some people are inherently sensitive to the skin of the private parts. After scraping the hair, there is no protection of hairy hair. The friction of clothes in daily activities may make the surrounding skin red and swollen and uncomfortable.

There is also in the process of scraping hair. If the cleaning and hygiene of the tools are not up to the standard, the skin may be scraped and inflamed.

3. The operation matters that need to be paid attention to when shaving

If there is a need to scrape hair, it should be noted that it is best not to scrape the hair at home. It is best not to scrape it from the root. It is best to use clean scissors to properly trim and organize it.

If you really want to shave all, scraping knife is not easy to control for novices, you can choose hair removal cream to remove hair removal. Try to buy mild and non -exciting products in the selection of hair removal cream.EssenceBefore formal hair removal, you can perform allergic tests on the more delicate skin on the inside of the arm or thigh. It is not too late to use hair removal cream without a allergic reaction.

The growth rate of women’s pussy hair is about one millimeter per day. When it is scraped, there may not be any discomfort in the pussy, but a few days later, as the pussy hair grows, short and hard hair will repeat the delicate pussy skin repeatedly.Friction may cause redness and swelling.

At this time, it is necessary to alleviate this discomfort, either scrape the newly growing hair again, but after a few days, it will grow, and the operation is more troublesome, or you can only endure this discomfort and wait until the hair is long.Therefore, under the necessary circumstances, try not to remove the hair of the private parts as much as possible.

Or you can choose to use laser hair removal, and use laser hair removal to completely inhibit the hair follicle growth hair.However, the cycle of laser hair removal is generally relatively long. Normally, it is about two to three months. The operation during the period is more troublesome, but the advantage is that after the success of hair removal, there will be no more hair.

It should be noted that laser hair removal must go to a professional hospital to ask the doctor to operate. Some irregular beauty institutions may not pay much attention to the disinfection and cleaning of the instrument. After cleaning the last guest, give the next use.It will cause bacterial infections in private parts after getting rid of hair.

If the private parts are strong, there is a major place in daily cleaning.For private care cleaning, professional gynecologists gave the following suggestions:

1. Do not use a cleaning agent

In the daily cleaning process, the hygiene of women’s private parts should not use soap or cleaner, just scrub with flowing warm water, because the women’s reproductive system has a balanced flora.Alkaline balance leads to inflammation and discomfort in private parts.

For private parts, you can use shower gel or soap properly, but pay attention to cleaning products not to enter the reproductive organs.

2. Pay attention to the selection of tools and hair removal products

When hair removal, pay attention to the cleaning of the hair removal tool. You need to rinse and dry the hair removal knife and scissors.When choosing hair removal products such as hair removal cream, hair removal beeswax, choose products that you will not be allergic, and do not choose San -free products to protect your safety.In the process of use, it is necessary to operate safely according to the instructions of the use.

3. Keep the private parts dry

The wet and sullen environment is most likely to breed bacteria, so in order to keep the wool of private parts, pay attention to keeping the private parts dry.Rinse with water, dry it with paper towels, and choose breathable pants or skirts in the sweltering summer.Don’t sit for a long time during work and study, get up at a time at a time.

4. Choose underwear

Because underwear is the most close -fitting fabric, the choice of underwear also plays an important role in the hygiene of the private parts. If you choose the underwear made of inferior fabric, it may cause discomfort in the private parts.If the breathability of the fabric is not good, it will exacerbate the sultry and cause bacteria to breed.

The advice given by a professional doctor is to choose the panties that are breathable, better water absorption, and soft and sanitary fabric.

Many people think that the strong hair of women’s private parts is a manifestation of strong sexual desire, and even some stigma inferences.But in fact, this is actually an inference of a male perspective. There is no scientific basis and cannot be used as an exact basis.

According to the above -mentioned reasons, it can be seen that the thick hair of the private parts is affected by hormones, genetic factors, and pathological, and it is not related to the strength of personal desire.

The emergence of sexual impulses cannot be simply attributed to physical characteristics. The environment, love objects, hormonal secretion, and suitable timing are the conditions for the desire, and there is no inevitable connection with the prosperity of the private parts.


As long as the hair in the private part does not affect daily life, it is actually not necessary to scrape it, but if it has caused trouble or other problems to daily life, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for professional diagnosis and consultation to eliminate the possibility of pathological.When scraping hair, you cannot blindly pursue beauty. Pay attention to leaving appropriate lengths to avoid the discomfort caused by new hair after all shaving.

Before the operation, you should also pay attention to the selection of hair removal tools and products, pay attention to cleaning and hygiene, operation techniques, etc., and properly repair hair removal under safe and controllable conditions.

After the hair removal is completed, you should also pay attention to the cleaning of the daily private parts, pay attention to the choice of personal clothes, pay attention to dry and breathable, and follow these matters to help you better care for the hair of the private part.

Do you have any different views on the cleaning and trimming of the private parts?Welcome to share your opinions.

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