What does the pregnant mother feel when the baby is snoring?

In the middle and late pregnancy, expectant mothers sometimes feel that the abdomen has a regular small spasm. This is the hiccup of the fetus.Fetal snoring is very common in the late pregnancy. Some fetuses snoring several times a day, and many B -ultrasound can also observe the fetal snoring.Fetal snoring is actually a way for fetal to improve lung breathing ability. Therefore, expectant mothers do not need to be too nervous, and they can also use the phenomenon of fetal snoring to monitor the changes in fetal position.

The hiccup of the fetus is normal, just like our adults, hiccups are actually a way for fetal to improve lung breathing ability.Starting at about 28 weeks in the third trimester, the fetus will continue to swallow amniotic fluid in the mother’s body to exercise the breathing of the lungs, and the alveoli grows in amniotic fluid.Just like adults, they are constantly swallowing.

Between the fetus and abdominal cavity, there is a thick muscle film like a hat, called the diaphragm, which separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. Like other organs of the body, the diaphragm has nerve distribution and blood supply. When causing snoringAfter the cause of the stimulation to the brain, the brain will issue instructions to cause paroxysmal and spasm contraction, so snoring appears.

What does the fetal snoring feel?The manifestation of the fetal snoring is that the fetus will move regularly in the abdomen of the expectant mother. It is once every 2-3 seconds. The last time is 2-5 minutes, and sometimes it will last for 10-20 minutes.

The specific manifestation is a jump, similar to the heartbeat, the expectant mothers are touched by the jumping place, they will play a bounce, which is different from the fetal movement. It is very, very regular!The careful mothers will definitely judge.

The fetus sometimes hiccups in the middle of the night, and sometimes I get up in the morning. At this time, I touch my belly gently.

In fact, expectant mothers can use this phenomenon to monitor the changes in fetal positions.When the fetal position is the head position, the beating part of the abdomen wall is roughly left and the right lower abdomen. If the position of the beating is significantly rising, it is prompted that the fetus may have transformed into an abnormal fetal position. It should be corrected as soon as possible under the guidance of the doctor.

When you are pregnant, your baby snores in your stomach. How do you feel, talk to us together.

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