What else can Asba sweet and carcinogenic controversy?

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Asba sweets are widely used in my country and can be added among 12 major categories of foods.Professionals said that when discussing Asba’s sweetness, dosage is an important consideration.To reduce sugar, you can choose to use other natural sweeteners or fruits instead of artificial sweeteners.

Recently, "Asba Sweet Cancer" appeared on Weibo hot search.According to media reports, Asba will be listed by the International Cancer Research Agency under the World Health Organization in July this year as "substances that may cause cancer to humans."Asba sweets are widely used in my country and can be added among 12 major categories of foods.People can’t help but ask, can sugar -free drinks still drink?What else can you eat for health reduction?

"In fact, as a common artificial synthetic sweetener, Asba has been controversial for a long time, and has been questioned that there may be neurotoxicity and carcinogenic risk. However, many years of scientific research has not really determined that AsbaSweet carcinogenicity. "Liu Xuemei Liu Xuemei, a clinical nutritionist at the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University, said in an interview with the reporter of the Workers’ Daily:" We don’t have to panic, the rating of carcinogens is not the same as its risk.Line as carcinogens, but we can still consume normally. "

Which foods contain Asba sweet

At present, the International Cancer Research Institutions divide the carcinogenic factors into 5 categories based on the level of cancer: Category 1, which has confirmed carcinogenicity for humans; Class 2A, which is likely to cause carcinogenicity to humans; Class 2B, which may be for humans, may be human beings.Cancer; Class 3, cannot determine whether it is carcinogenic to the human body; 4 categories have no carcinogenic effect on the human body.According to the information disclosed by the media, Asba will be listed as 2B, which may cause cancer to humans.

As a san sweet, as a substitute, its sweetness is very high, which is about 200 times the sucrose, and the calories are only 200 to 300 in the sucrose. Because the calories are low in good reputation, they are widely used in the field of beverages and other foods and other foods.Essence

my country approves Asba Sweet for Coca -Cola, ice cream, ice cream, honey, jam, bread, pastry, canned food, vinegar, salad sauce, concentrated soup, carbonated drinks, flavor fermented milk and many other foods. For sugar -free carbonated beverages, Asba is also commonly used in sugar -free gum and sugar -free mint.

Can sugar -free drinks still drink

When discussing the safety of Asba’s sweetness, the dose is an important consideration. The Scientific Expert Committee (JECFA) jointly managed by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization has previously released suggestions on Asba’s sweet and safe dose.According to this suggestion, a 60 kg person drinks more than 12 cans of sugar -free cola every day to be affected.

Zuo Xiaoxia, director of the Nutrition Department of the Eighth Medical Center of the General Hospital of the PLA, said that everyone may be listed as 2B carcinogens for Asba. There is no need to be too panicked and should be treated rationally.Avoiding doses of toxicity is unscientific.Although from Asba Tian’s discovery to the present, the results of mainstream research have proved that Asba’s sweet security is not a problem, this does not mean that Asba sweet can eat willfulness.

"If it is not a large amount of products that contain Asba, then its risks may not be great." Liu Xuemei said: "The International Cancer Research Institutions under the World Health Organization used to have night shift work and consume red meat, listed as possible carcinogenic carcinogens may be carcinogenic.The category is listed as possible to cause cancer, similar to Asba sweet. In fact, Asba sweet does not use much in many large companies, and there are other alternative sweeteners.Don’t panic. "

Sweetter is not necessarily healthier than sugar

If you really want to drink sugar -free drinks, but you are worried about Asba’s sweet carcinogenic problem, Liu Xuemei suggested that you can choose to use other natural sweeteners, or fruits to replace artificial sweeteners.Sugar instead of sweet -flavored drinks, such as Luo Han Guotin, Sweetan Clehide, Gryhol, etc. of natural plant sources.

Liu Xuemei said that the following kinds of sugar can be selected with confidence: sugar with "glycoside", such as sweet chrysanthemidin, Luo Han fruit sweetin, they all come from natural plants;Potum glucose, yeast β-polysaccharides, hybrid galactose, oatsome β-polysaccharide, hypocrutonite, chrysanthemum powder, and water soda;Glycol alcohol, alcoholtosaccharides; sugar with "alcohol", such as red moss (exist in seaweed, mushrooms and other plants, and it is not easy to cause sugar -containing fluctuations in the body), malt glycol, heterogeneous, heterogeneousMaltol alcohol, lactatol, xylitol, pearl alcohol.In addition, there are some sugar with special features, such as L-Arabic sugar, which can inhibit sucrose into converted into fructose and glucose, thereby reducing the digestion and absorption of sugar.

Judging that a food is unhealthy?The key is to learn the ingredients table and nutritional composition table.

Liu Xuemei said that paying attention to health should reduce the intake of various sweets from the time of childhood. Perhaps the best choice is that they do not drink sugar -containing drinks and sweeter drinks."From the perspective of health, whether it is sugar -containing drinks or sweeter -containing drinks, try to drink as little as possible, try to drink boiled water, drink coffee, light tea, or sugar -free soda water."

Zhong Kai, director of the Kexin Food and Health Information Exchange Center, reminded that sweeteners are not diet pills, but only a choice for reducing sugar.Consumers who need to reduce sugar should drink plenty of water, do not drink or drink sugar -containing drinks. If you especially like to drink sweet drinks, choosing sugar -free and low -sugar products is a relatively better choice.If you eat too much, you will move too much.

As we all know, excessive sugar intake is harmful and healthy, so sugar generation is getting hotter, but with the widespread use and deepening of sugar, the potential risks of various sugar substitutes are also exposed.

Professionals remind that regarding Asba sweetly listed as the list of carcinogens, consumers need to maintain a sober mind and look at the problem rationally with scientific eyes.Although it has not yet been confirmed and specific of the official authoritative agencies, it is believed that with the emergence of new research, I believe authoritative institutions will make corresponding adjustments.(Reporter Ji Wei)

Source: Workers Daily

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