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Many prospective parents are worried that insufficient preparations before pregnancy will affect the health of babies in the future.So, what examinations do you need to do before pregnancy?Today, Yu Chunying, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Songjiang District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, walked into Songjiang Radio, a guest live room, and learned about pre -pregnancy examinations and precautions.

Guest of this program: Yu Chunying, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Songjiang District Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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Indications: good at the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, infertility, gynecological benign tumor and other diseases.

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When can expectant parents start pregnancy checking?

The expectant parents should check the first to June before pregnancy. When they find the problem, they have a certain treatment time and monitoring time. After the condition is completely cured or the condition is stable, she can only get pregnant.For example, hypertension and diabetes need to be taken reasonably to treat drug conditioning. At the same time, it is recommended to regularly monitor the stability of the condition.

Melothing antibody detection is also required before pregnancy. If there is no rubella antibody, you need to injected the vaccine and you cannot get pregnant within one month after the vaccine injection. It is best to get pregnant 3-6 months after the vaccine is injected.

Folic acid should be taken 3 months before pregnancy to prevent fetal nervous tube deformities.If there is hypertrophy or hyperthyroidism, it can easily affect the baby’s development, and it will also cause the fetal intelligence to be low. Therefore, hyperthyroidism also needs to be treated with reasonable treatment. It is best to check blood hormones around June before pregnancy.

What inspection items need to be done before pregnancy checking for men and women?

Each hospital may be different. Generally, the inspection items of the women are: leucorrhea routine, B -ultrasound, routine hematuria, liver and kidney function, blood sugar, coagulation, sex hormones and thyroxine examinations, two and a half pairs of hepatitis B, full set of TORCH, AIDS and Symelona poisonAntibodies, cervical secretions, cervical HPV and LCT examination.

Men’s examination items: hematuria routine, liver and kidney function, two pairs of hepatitis B, AIDS and syphilis antibodies, routine semen.

Which groups need to pay more attention to pre -pregnancy examinations?

The husband and wife who have not done a marriage check must have a pre -pregnancy examination; both husbands and wives may have a history of hereditary medical history, and those who have chronic diseases and infectious diseases need to be checked;Environment, pets, etc. all need to be checked before pregnancy.

With the implementation of the second child policy, many elderly mothers have also joined the fertility army. Is there any special requirements for senior female friends to check before pregnancy?

For elderly women, pay special attention to cardiopulmonary function and blood sugar, and pay attention to whether ovulation has ovulation, whether there are tumors in the uterus, cervix, and ovaries. Pay special attention to whether the fetus may be deformity after pregnancy.EssenceRelated oral examinations before pregnancy, why is this?

The level of estrogen during pregnancy increases, resulting in thinning and brittleness of capillary walls, and the diet of pregnant women will increase than usual.Zhou Yan, acute pulpitis, and dental caries have many problems. Bacteria infection in the oral cavity will be reached through blood circulation to achieve the placenta tissue, endangering the fetus.Many studies have shown that if pregnant women suffer from periodontal disease, the chance of premature birth and low -body weight is significantly higher than that of pregnant women who are healthy.

Many female friends who intend to have a second child feel that the first child has been checked before pregnancy, and there is no need to do it. Is this point accurate?

Clinically, in general, before giving birth to a second child, you still need to do a systematic examination of both husband and wife. This can ensure the relative safety of pregnancy and predict the health of the baby.The husband and wife who have a second child need to be treated cautiously, and you need to exercise your body well in the early stage of pregnancy and strengthen your resistance to better help prepare for pregnancy.

In addition to doing a pre -pregnancy examination, what are the couples need to do well in terms of life, diet, and psychology?

There are many precautions before preparing for pregnancy, such as prohibiting smoking and drinking, and taking folic acid under the guidance of a doctor.Eat more meat, eggs, milk, fish and shrimp, soy products and other foods as much as possible.Try to relax as much as possible during pregnancy, pay attention to replenish water, and remove toxins in the body.Proper exercise to enhance immunity.

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