What examinations should I go to the hospital during pregnancy, I can easily deal with it in advance.

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Today, the new dad talks with you about those things during pregnancy. Every examination of the new mother during pregnancy is accompanied by me. I have a more right to speak. In order to explain it, I have to take out the inspection records out.It’s not easy to write a responsible article.

Note: All mentioned below are based on the production arrangements of the Beijing Hospital, for reference only.

How many tests do you do in total during pregnancy:

28 weeks ago: once every 4 weeks, 28 weeks-36 weeks: once every 2 weeks, 36 weeks-41 weeks: once every 1 week

In special circumstances, the number

The first time I went to the hospital:

The Beijing area needs to be built, and which hospital is selected. In the future, all the births and fertility must be completed in this hospital (except for the transfer of the hospital).Will come many times.

The construction time is generally 6–12 weeks of pregnancy. The files are as early as possible. Some hospitals are not collected too late, and they will be built when they are pregnant.

The items that need to be detected on the day of the files are: blood routine, urine routine, vaginal analysis routine, hepatitis B and a half+HIV (HIV)+TP (syphilis spiral), liver and kidney function, coagulation function, and A exercises.The purpose of detecting these goals is to determine whether it is suitable for pregnancy. If there are special diseases, special care during pregnancy will be special.

As shown in the figure below, the documents that need to be carried at the hospital must first go to the residential committee where the household registration is located with the relevant documents, and then use the manual to the hospital to build files.(Only in Beijing, it is unclear outside the country)

Check NT (11–13 weeks of pregnancy): ultrasound testing

The NT detection time is best from 11 weeks to 13 weeks. After this time, the accuracy rate will decline

NT detection is an ultrasonic detection, without radiation, and uses ultrasonic echo imaging technology.(Ultrasound is a relatively high -frequency sound wave. We can hear others talking because the sound waves of others have passed into our ears)

The full name of NT is NUCHAL Translucence, which is a "neck transparent belt" in Chinese.The role of NT is mainly used for early fetal chromosome and gene risk assessment.NT refers to a transparent liquid that appears in the neck of the fetus. NT will appear about 11 weeks in about 11 weeks. When the fetus develops to 14 weeks, NT will gradually be absorbed by the lymphatic system in the fetus.

Fetal malformations are closely related to the thickness of NT.In general, when the thickness of NT exceeds the normal range, that is, 3 mm, the larger the value, and the greater the chance of the fetus after birth.NT data value is higher than 3 mm. In addition to indicating the risk of Tang’s syndrome, there may also be genetic defects of other colors or genes.Therefore, if there is a problem with NT, you must review it, otherwise the possibility of defective babies will increase.

The results obtained by NT examination are probably as follows:

Check MP (16 weeks of pregnancy-before delivery)

MP examination is used to determine whether there is a hypertension syndrome during pregnancy. The hypertension syndrome during pregnancy refers to the phenomenon of some women’s unique hypertension, proteinuria, convulsions, and coma due to pregnancy.For mild, moderate and severe, severe pregnancy hypertension syndrome is also called signs of eclampsia and eclampsia. Eclavia is convulsive on the basis of hypertension.

Ordinary hypertension and pregnancy hypertension are caused by different reasons. However, severe pregnancy hypertension, even if the pregnancy is over, the risk of hypertension diabetes in the later stage has increased significantly.

The following 5 categories are prone to affected people in the early stage of eclampsia: first pregnant women, especially younger than 20 years old or more than 40 years old; pregnant women with twins and multi -babies; women with high blood pressure and susceptible factors and genetic factors; blood vessels; there are blood vessels; there are blood vessels;Women with abnormal metabolism of sexually transmitted diseases, kidney disease, and abnormal metabolism

The incidence of eclampsia is about 1/2000; the mortality rate of patients with eclampsia is about 1%(data from Baidu Encyclopedia).In other words, there are one of the people who have the disease and cause death.Therefore, hypertension during pregnancy should be carefully tested and took corresponding measures.

After the blood pressure during pregnancy, you can go home to check the measurement of the blood pressure meter home after going to the hospital. The current technical home is also very accurate and cheap.

Donald Child Screen (15–20 weeks of pregnancy): Blood check

Donalier screening is a concentration of the serum of the serum in the mother’s serum, the concentration of the serum in the mother serum, and the combination of the pregnant woman’s due date, age, weight, and blood collection weeks, etc.The test method of the risk coefficient of the child.Generally, if the test results show that the probability of the fetus is more than 1/1000, which requires follow -up testing, such as doing non -invasive DNA or amniotic fluid puncture, so as to further determine whether the belly is pregnant.Amniotic fluid puncture has a certain abortion probability and requires parents’ attention.

So what is Tang’s?We know that there are 23 pairs of chromosomes in normal human cells. After the combination of normal sperm and eggs, chromosomes 1 to 23, each chromosome is one pair of two chromosomes.The No. 21 chromosome of Doner has three chromosomes, which is one more chromosomes than normal people.The reason is that when the eggs or sperm are divided, the chromosomal No. 21 is not separated, so the chromosome No. 21 after becoming the fertilized egg is 3.See the picture above.Tang’s general intelligence is generally low, and he lacks his ability to take care of himself.The incidence of birth: 1/700 ~ 1/900.

The results obtained from Tang’s screening are probably as shown below

Ultrasonic (20–24 weeks of pregnancy): Use ultrasonic detection

It is an ultrasonic detection, no radiation, and uses ultrasonic echo imaging technology.

Ultrasonic abnormalities are we often say that we often say that this examination can find major structural malformations of the fetus.For example, no brain, spine cracks, limb disadvantages, severe heart disease, etc., from head to toe, various diseases that are manifested in morphological, ultrasound testing may be detected.

To do large rows, doctors need to use ultrasonic probes to see whether there are any deformities in all parts of the baby’s body. Therefore, when some parts are blocked, the baby needs to turn over and move. ThereforeEssence

The results obtained by ultrasonic malformation are probably as shown below:

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