What fish is better after pregnancy?

During pregnancy, some special changes have occurred in their bodies. Therefore, pay attention to reasonable arrangements in life and diet to supplement sufficient nutrition.In the early stages of pregnancy, it is the most vulnerable period of the fetus. If a woman with weak bodies is easy to cause miscarriage, what kind of fish is best to eat after pregnancy?

What fish to eat for pregnant women

1. Ink fish

Pregnant women are good for pregnant women themselves and fetal health, but when pregnant women eat fish, pay attention to choosing the right person. First of all, it is recommended to eat cuttlefish, because cuttlefish have liver and kidney, nourishing qi and blood, clearing the stomach fever to remove heatEliminating functions.It can also have the effect of nourishing blood and clearing, and it also has the existence of strong functions such as scriptures, tires, favors, and hemostasis.

2. Carp

Carp has various effects such as spleen and appetizers, diuretic swelling, cough and asthma, etc., and for pregnant women, it can exert the effects of Annon Tong milk.

3. Cyber

Pregnant women are also good to eat catfish, because germ can have various functions such as nourishing qi and nourishing stomach, moisture and water, and removing wind and annoyance.It also contains trace elements such as zinc and selenium, which are helpful for anti -cancer.

Sweet and sour fish

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4, black fish

Pregnant women choose to eat black fish, because black fish has functions such as spleen and water, clearing heat, removing wind, nourishing liver and kidney.Pregnant women are also meaningful to nourish blood prolactin. They can have a good health effect on solving some common physical discomforts of pregnant women.

5. Catfish

Pregnant women can also eat catfish. This kind of fish has a variety of functions such as warmth and qi, warming the stomach, and moisturizing the skin. It can be said that it is the best fish food for warmth to nourish qi.And it has a large amount of high -protein food, which is undoubtedly good for pregnant women’s health.

6. Catfish

Catfish is very suitable for pregnant women, because it can benefit qi and spleen, and the effect of swelling and swelling, and can also have various functions such as clearing heat and detoxifying, passing the toss.Pregnant women often have a certain effect on prolactin, and can also promote cardiovascular health, which is very helpful for pregnant women’s health.

Fish and sheep

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