What happened to often feel acid reflux?Or it is caused by these diseases, don’t pay attention to

Whether in ordinary film and television dramas or in our daily life, we may have encountered such a situation: Originally, two people were chatting and chatting, and suddenly someone ran to the bathroom or hid aside to go aside to go asideVomit.If this is usually happy in film and television dramas, is it really like this in daily life?Of course not, in fact, the occurrence of many diseases can cause acid reflux and nausea. What are the reasons?What kind of solution do we have?

First of all, we must understand what is acid reflux.Anti -acid reflux is actually flowing through the esophagus to the mouth through the esophagus. Of course, in addition to gastric acid, some other foods in the stomach are also likely to reflect into the mouth in this way.The phenomenon of anti -acid reflux is still more common in our daily life, because in many cases, it may lead to the occurrence of acid reflux.

It is actually correct that the pregnancy of pregnant dramas starts to reflect acid is actually correct.During pregnancy, women’s estrogen secretion increases, and this hormone can make the muscles of the stomach softened, so its digestive function will be reduced, so that gastric acid will begin to become more.And too much stomach acid will feel uncomfortable, and it is easy to cause nausea and acid reflux.

Of course, in addition to pregnancy, there are other diseases that cause acid reflux, such as esophagealitis.To be precise, it is not just esophagealitis, but all inflammation related to esophageal can cause acid reflux.These inflammation can make the esophageal pipe particularly vulnerable to stimulation, and those who are stimulated by the human body will respond, so this phenomenon of acid reflux appears.In addition, if you usually smoke and drink too much, you can also cause stomach discomfort, which may also cause acidic acid.

Like this kind of reflux caused by external conditions such as smoking and drinking, we only need to reduce the intake of irritating foods such as tobacco and alcohol in daily life to ensure that the esophagus is under a relatively stable environment.It’s right.If it is caused by a certain inflammation, it is necessary to treat inflammation first to solve this situation.Of course, if the phenomenon of acid reflux is particularly frequent, and it is accompanied by a burning feeling, it is best to go to the hospital to check whether there are other diseases.Under such circumstances, the best treatment effect is required by a professional physician.

There are many phenomena that cause acid reflux. In daily life, in order to avoid the occurrence of acid reflux, you must develop a good eating habits and living habits.If the stomach function is too poor, you can also take some drugs that enhance gastric power to help digest food in the stomach.

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