What health medicine to take for pregnant women with pregnant women

Although the levels of all aspects have improved, expectant mothers can say that only things they do n’t want to eat, there is nothing they ca n’t eat.But on the one hand, the pressure of work and life is also very high. The reaction in the early morning pregnancy is more serious. Pregnant mothers will feel the phenomenon of lethargy, fear of cold, vomiting, etc. ThereforeIf you have a better fetal, if you are relatively poor, you may take more.So, what kind of health medicine should expectations of expectant mothers take?

Specific mothers can’t think that as long as there is a manual, what type of health medicine can be selected by themselves, so it is not advisable to do it. Be sure to take it under the guidance of a doctor, and be careful about taking health medicines.Generally, we are divided into three stages during pregnancy, and the nutritional components required in three stages are different.

First, what health medicine takes for expectant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy.

From the first month to the third month of pregnancy, we generally call it in the early stages of pregnancy. The pregnancy response in this period of time will be relatively large. The baby in this period of time belongs to the period of development of the neurobe.Important, the health medicines taken during this period must first consider protein powder that is useful for nerve cells, and vitamin E, followed by folic acid, but these should be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

2. What health medicine should be taken in the middle of pregnancy.

From the fourth month to the sixth month of pregnancy, we generally call it mid -pregnancy.At this time, the baby has basically taken shape, and the bones are about to grow. The growth of bones directly affects the baby’s height problem in the future. This period is the most critical.So what is the most needed for bone development? Specific mothers should know that of course it is calcium.So at this stage, the selected health products are calcium tablets or calcium.In addition to supplementing calcium during this period, in fact, the substances required in the early pregnancy must also be intake in moderation and cannot stop.

3. What health medicine is good for expectant mothers in the late pregnancy

In the late pregnancy, expectant mothers became more nervous, and soon they were going to welcome the baby’s arrival.At this time, the baby’s ability in all aspects of the mother’s belly is slowly possessed, and the babies will have their own emotions. The mother’s every move is curious. The expectant mothers must maintain a happy mood.There is a good living environment.Then this time period requires supplementary health products to include calcium, vitamins and protein, but the amount can be relatively small. Usually, as long as you achieve a nutritional balance.

Finally, I would like to remind expectant mothers, what health medicine do pregnant women eat?This problem cannot be generalized. Each expectant mothers have different physical health and different constitutions. Of course, we need to be different. Originally, we took health products for the health of mother and fetus, so we must be cautious. It is best to obey the doctor.Suggestions can avoid adverse consequences by mistake.(99 Health Network (www.99.com.cn) special manuscript, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source.)

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