What is a fetal baby boy who is eight months pregnant?Just look at this, can’t be wrong

Introduction: Many people will be curious. What does a fetal baby boy who are pregnant for eight months of pregnancy look like?Is it developing well?

If it is a baby boy, he can see his male characteristics from B -ultrasound since four months.

In eight months, the testicles of the fetal baby boy had fallen from the abdominal cavity into his scrotum, but some baby boy’s testicles entered the scrotum on the day of birth.In this way, it is necessary to treat.

The fetus’s head will continue to increase when pregnancy is almost eight months, and brain development is very rapid.At this time, the baby’s eyes can be opened, you can see the scene in the mother’s uterus, and you can follow the light source.

There is a study that pregnant women often show their stomach under bright light, which can stimulate the visual development of the fetus. In the summer, it is okay to get it. If it is winter, it will be too cold.

It is said that if you use a flashlight to look at the belly of your mother, you will see the baby in the B -ultrasound that you may also touch the light source by hand.It’s cute.

At this time, the fetus’s nails have grown very long. The skin is light red and smooth, but the face is still full of wrinkles.

The baby can turn around in the uterus.The fetus is getting bigger and bigger now. When the fetus grows fastest in the second trimester, the body almost occupies the entire uterus, so the fetal movement will gradually decrease.

The fetal nervous system is becoming more and more developed. Once a strong voice, stimulation and vibration, will immediately respond.You can already hear the sound outside the mother.

The length has reached 40 to 45 cm, and the weight has increased to 1400 to 2100 grams. It already has the ability to live outside the uterus, but still pay attention to that because the lungs have not yet developed, we need to take care of the body during this period to avoid premature birth.

The quasi -mothers who are pregnant for eight months of pregnancy:

1. The height of the uterus has reached 25 to 27 cm, and it will be dragged to the bottom of the chest, and the diaphragm and stomach of the expectant mother will be treated, so sometimes someone will feel heartburn, bloating, and eating.Sometimes I feel difficulty in breathing.

2. Increase stretch marks, and some mothers also experience lower limb edema and varicose veins. Eat less salt and rest. You can raise your legs every day to reduce edema.At that time, I didn’t feel what I was swollen when I was pregnant. After I was born, I found that my shoes were stretched, and I must have swollen foot.

3. Eight months of pregnancy is the fastest period of fetal growth. It has been suffered half of the nutrition of the fetus in the third trimester, and it is also the fastest period of brain development.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to replenishing linoleic acid and unsaturated fatty acids, which is conducive to the development of the fetus.

To eat more dark green plants to supplement linoleic acid, it is the basic substance that constitutes the human tissue cell membrane and ecological beauty biological enzymes.It is very good for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. The most important thing is to increase the intelligence of the fetus, and protect vision, anti -allergic effects.

Eat more foods containing unsaturated fatty acids, such as nuts, as well as fish, vegetables, fruits.

4. In eight months, the position of the fetus in the mother’s womb is basically certain, if the fetal position is not right.You can also do some knees to correct it.

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