What is going on with pain in the lower abdomen often painful, be careful of cervicitis

If women feel alert to cervicitis, cervicitis can cause patients to have a large amount of menstrual flow, and there will be symptoms of waist and abdomen pain. It will also be accompanied by the symptoms of vulvar itching. If these symptoms occur, it is best to go to a regular hospital for examinationIt is likely to be caused by cervicitis. To understand the manifestation of cervicitis, be careful of cervicitis.

Know the manifestation of cervicitis early

1. Be alert to cervicitis. Patients with cervicitis will experience symptoms of increased menstrual flow and symptoms of abdominal pain. If lower abdomen pain occurs, it is best to go to the hospital for related examinations. This phenomenon is very goodIt may be caused by cervicitis. It is best to understand the manifestation of cervicitis. Early treatment of cervicitis can reduce pain.

2. Increased secretions may be caused by cervicitis. Most patients will have this manifestation. If female friends have abnormal problems of leucorrhea, they should be alert to gynecological inflammation. In the early stage of gynecological inflammationSevere consequences, try to understand the performance of cervicitis.

3. Signing lumbosacral soreness should be alert to cervicitis. Patients with cervicitis will also have sexual bleeding, and even vulvar itching problems. Women’s vulvar itching is mostly caused by inflammatory infection. It is important to understand the symptoms of cervicitis.The prevention of cervicitis is also very important.

Teach you how to prevent cervicitis

1. Pay attention to the hygiene of menstrual and sexual life. Women should go to the hospital for gynecological examinations regularly, and do contraception work in the same room. Do not often do abortion. Frequent flow of people can easily cause cervicitis.Pay attention to the hygiene of reproductive organs so that cervicitis can be prevented.

2. Preventing cervicitis to avoid sexual confusion and avoid unclean sexual behavior, otherwise it will easily cause cervicitis. Cervicitis will increase the chance of cervical cancer. Good sanitation habits can prevent the onset of cervicitis. Women should pay attention to emotional emotionalAdjust, pay attention to the correct care of the privacy, and understand the correct way to clean the private parts.

3. Pay attention to nutrition, increase nutritional intake, eat more fruits and fruits, eat less sweets, and eat sweets often can induce cervicitis. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which can reduce the incidence of cervicitis, and of the incidence of cervicitis, and of.It is necessary to promote late marriage and childbirth, and do not have too many children, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the cervix.

What are the manifestations of cervicitis?Cervicitis can cause patients with lumbosacral soreness, and there will be problems with increased secretions. There will also be problems with increased menstrual flow. Women should pay attention to the prevention of cervicitis. Good hygiene habits can prevent gynecological inflammation and eat more fresh melons.Fruit and vegetables can reduce the chance of cervicitis.

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