What is going on with stomach pain as soon as I am pregnant?

[Introduction] Many friends do not know what happened to the stomach pain in pregnancy. Stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy is the common physical response of pregnant women in the early pregnancy. Generally, the physiological stomach pain caused by pregnancy reactions.We are very worried, but do you know what to do if you are pregnant with your stomach pain?

Beautiful pregnant woman

In the early stages of pregnancy, stomach pain is a normal physiological reaction. This is caused by the increase in the uterus and stimulating the bones. Pregnant women will feel a faint pain in the abdomen.However, it is worth noting that some stomach pain is pathological, and may indicate the occurrence of abortion signs or ectopic pregnancy.If you continue to be stomachache in the early stages of pregnancy and accompanied by bleeding symptoms, you should be admitted to the hospital immediately.Therefore, when the stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy, we must learn to distinguish.

Everyone’s symptoms are different in the early stages of pregnancy. Some people are drowned, some are afraid of cold, some people feel uncomfortable when they smell oil, and some people will have stomach pain … These symptoms usually appear after 6 weeks of menopause., Generally until 3 months of pregnancy.Everyone’s situation will be different. This is related to individual hormones. Some people have a long reaction time for early pregnancy and disappear until 16-18 weeks.

It can be seen that although stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy is also a common phenomenon, it is not necessary to have stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy. If it hurts, it will cause attention.

Female friends are very weak when they are pregnant. There are many things to pay attention to. Avoid events such as skating tires. HoweverAre there any precautions for pregnancy?

1. Avoid or reduce sexual life 3 months before pregnancy, because the connection between the uterine wall of the placenta and the mother of pregnant women during the early pregnancy is not too close. If sexual life is improper, it may cause the possibility of uterine contraction and abortion.Therefore, the first three months of pregnancy is a period of miscarriage, especially pregnant women with high risk of abortion.In addition, improper sexual life in early pregnancy may cause vaginal infections. This is another reason for some doctors to avoid you from early sexual life.

2. Maternal vaginal bleeding needs to seek medical treatment immediately. If you find vaginal bleeding, even if it is only a small amount, you should go to the hospital immediately, even if the vaginal bleeding seems to have stopped.Although there is a small amount of vaginal bleeding in pregnant women, there may be no major things, but it may also be a sign of some serious problems.Therefore, you need to seek medical treatment immediately to determine that neither pregnant women and fetuses are problems, and the possibility of complications occur.

Drop bleeding is slight vaginal bleeding, similar to the amount of bleeding in early menstruation or ending.The color of vaginal hemorrhage may be pink, red or brown (color after blood).And vaginal bleeding can be more bleeding, or even a large amount of bleeding.If the vaginal bleeding is very serious, or accompanied by severe pain, you cannot go to the emergency medical treatment immediately, you can call the 120 emergency call.

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