What is the "there" bleeding after the same room?There is this reason!Finally understand it

Backstage fan questions:

When my boyfriend and I were "affectionate", I found "below" bleeding. Why is this?My boyfriend’s movement is relatively gentle, and I am not the first time. Why do I still happen? What should I do?

When intimate bleeding, in addition to some women "encountering red" for the first time, when these situations are encountered, women may also have "bleeding" after the same room:

Hymen rupture

During the initial intersection, people with thick and solid hymen have cracks when they are pushed through the vagina, and there will be a small amount of bleeding and mild pain.Bleeding caused by hymen usually has a small amount of bleeding, and it can stop in a short time.

The menstrual blood is not completely clean

Women’s menstrual periods are always a "small tail". A few days after menstrual period, menstrual blood has not been completely clean, ovary and uterus are still in the recovery period, and the cervix mouth is in a slightly open state. At this timeThe ovarian caused stimulation and caused the menstrual period to extend the blood volume.

Gynecological inflammation

Bleeding after sexual behavior may also be an early warning of gynecological diseases.For example, cervical erosion, as the area and depth of the erosion become wider, the local congestion will be significantly congested, and the tissue will become fragile. In the same room, the erosion surface of the cervix will cause bleeding.

In addition, such as cervical polyps and uterine fibroids, they will also bleed due to the collision of the lump when they have sex.

Rough sex

When men’s sexual intercourse, the movements are rude, the vaginal lubrication of women is insufficient, and the vulva is stuffed into the vagina, rubbing vigorously, causing the reproductive tract to rupture and vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse.

Cervical cancer

The chief physician of the Gynecology Department of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital said that bleeding after sexual intercourse may also be one of the risk signals of cervical cancer.

If a woman suffers from cervical cancer, after sexual behavior, a small amount of bleeding will be caused, the color is bright red, or it is manifested in the leucorrhea mixed with blood wire.Because the texture of the cervical tissue after cancer becomes brittle and fragile, the cervix will cause bleeding when the cervix is directly collided.

Beautiful and harmonious sex helps physical and mental health, but wrong sex will cause harm to the body. When the partner appears in the following situations, it is not suitable for the same room.

Early and last stages of pregnancy

In the first three months and last stages of women, the placenta is still unstable. Sexual life will stimulate the uterus to cause contractions, affect the development of the fetus in the uterus, and easily cause abortion.


Sexual life is "aerobic exercise", which requires a certain amount of physical strength and energy.It is often difficult to reach orgasm when people are in a state of exclusive or exhausted state.The physical strength is not enough to satisfy both parties, the effect is not ideal, and the effect is damaged, and the hidden dangers are buried for multiple health problems.


People have seven emotions, joy, anger, anxiety, thought, sadness, fear, shock, and qi and blood in the body.Emotional qi and blood in the body, barely sexual life, not only will not harmonize, it will also increase the unconventional operation of qi and blood, and cause the mood to be disgusted, which will not be good for others.

Non -hygienic genitals

Sexual intercourse is a source of direct transmission of diseases. If the genitals are not clean before the work, many pathogens such as bacteria can be brought into the opponent’s body through sexual intercourse.Condition.

Sexual life between partners requires the cooperation and consideration of both parties. Men should give the woman more care and care.Before sexual life, you should do a foreplay. By touching and kissing the way, women secrete more liquid love and help women improve their sexual desire.

When men enter, the initial movement must slow down and light up, giving women a process of adaptation; before the partner is in sex, we must eliminate bad emotions, relax, and have a happy mood to make a climax.

In addition, if a female body occurs in gynecological inflammation, it should be treated in a timely manner first, and actively face gynecological disease treatment. According to the doctor’s suggestion, whether it is suitable for sexual life, and should not be reluctant to do it in order to satisfy the man.

According to Wang Hongxiang, Department of Urology, Renji Hospital affiliated to the School of Medicine of Shanghai Jiaotong University, modern men are under pressure and fatigue. For patients with erectile dysfunction, they are physically weak and BO’s function is affected.

If you have sex at this time, a few failures will inevitably have a psychological shadow.

Wang Hongxiang suggested that there are two time periods in the same room. It is more suitable: First, at eight or nine in the evening, take a hot bath to let your wife massage the back of the back and the inside of the thigh.Sexual effects naturally do more with less.

The second is that men usually appear in the morning BO, half -dream and half awake, which can eliminate the psychological pressure of psychological BO’s functional disorders. In addition, after one night of sleep recuperation, there is sufficient physical strength. At this timeEssence

Spring Festival is worth thousands of dollars, but if the Spring Festival "seeing red" caused by the other party or his own problems, you must seek medical treatment in time to avoid causing more serious lesions.By that time, it would really be "a lot of money to buy a healthy body".”39 Health Super Energy Group “” “””

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