What is the fetus doing when the pregnant mother is sleeping?Article 2 can’t bear to look straight

Xiao Liu has been pregnant for more than five months, and he can obviously feel that the fetus in the stomach is moving, and he moves more frequently at night.Xiao Liu was curious: Do the fetus not fall asleep with himself at night? If he doesn’t sleep, what will he do?

The fetus has its own rules of schedules and is not completely synchronized with pregnant mothers.When the pregnant mother is sleeping, the fetus will do the following things to send boring:

1. suck your fingers.

When the baby is born, the sucking movement will actually begin in the uterus.At 32 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus will suck the fingers, but the pregnant mother can’t feel it.

2. Swallow and amniotic fluid

At about 20 weeks, the fetus began to swallow. He would swallow the amniotic fluid into his stomach and excrete it through the body to maintain the balance of amniotic fluid.Urine".

3. Turn over

At 4 months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother can feel the obvious fetal movement.The fetus is a "naughty ghost", and the posture of the activity is also various.For example, like caterpillars, creeping and pinching feet, occasionally a big turn, will have obvious rolls and pull when turning over.

4. "Fisting and kicking"

In addition to the above actions, as the fetus gradually developed, his bones became harder and harder, and he began to "show his fists" in the stomach of the pregnant mother. He was punched in the stomach of the pregnant mother. The pregnant mother could obviously feel the fetus.Sometimes the activity, sometimes the stomach is a bag because of the fetal activity.

5. Sleep

In fact, the fetal movement time is very small. Most of the time is spent in sleep. When he is tired, he will naturally go to sleep.

6. Play umbilical cord

The baby sucking his fingers and pinching his feet in the stomach of the pregnant mother. When these were tired, he found a new thing -the umbilical cord.The umbilical cord is an important connection between the fetus and the mother, and it will be used by the fetus as a toy by the way.

October in October, the fetus was boring.From four months of pregnancy, the fetus has hearing and tactile. I can hear the voice of the pregnant mother and him, and I can feel that the pregnant mother is gently stroking her belly, so the pregnant mother should interact with the fetus more!

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