What is the life of pregnant mothers after pregnancy, do you know?

Many people think that this mother is very happy after seeing pregnant women’s mother pregnant, because her mother is expensive, she is served by the whole family, and she can enjoy the treatment that they usually enjoy because of pregnancy. Even at work, they will be led by colleagues.Take care of some.This kind of person’s cognition of pregnancy seems to see only from TV, not the real life of pregnant women’s mother after pregnancy.

Most pregnant women are always careful after pregnancy. When they respond to severe pregnancy, they ca n’t eat anything, and even smell a strange taste, they ca n’t help vomiting and nausea.Once a pregnant woman mother had a very serious pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, she could not smell a strange taste.One day she took the bus, but there was a bun with a leek stuffing on the bus. She kept nausea when she smelled this taste.Later, she took a taxi every day to get off work. As a result, after seeing her colleagues, she talked about her a little confusing after pregnancy, and she was careful when she took a step.

In fact, after pregnancy, pregnant women have no thoughts at all, especially for pregnant women who are about two months of pregnancy. They will be tortured by pregnancy and they ca n’t eat them. Even if they do n’t eat it, they ca n’t help vomiting.For a few months, pregnant women mothers are tortured by vomiting, and severe stomach acid will also burn their esophagus during the process of vomiting. Many pregnant women and mothers are hospitalized for treatment because of their pain in pregnancy.

The change of pregnancy vomiting after pregnancy is extremely strong, but the changes are endless. Many of the psychological and fragile pregnant mothers are tortured to cry, torture to despair, and even enter the hospital to hang nutritional needles.Sometimes pregnant women and mothers have a nutritional needle in the hospital for several days. The pregnancy response is still very strong, and there is no improvement.

The pregnant woman’s mother will also turn the entire body into a swollen bun after pregnancy, and has been edema.You must know that many pregnant women are a beauty before pregnancy, but the feet are swollen into pork trotters after pregnancy.Edema is not just edema, but also accompanied by soreness.After the pregnant woman’s mother’s month is old, her legs and feet will become swollen. At this time, the family must often rub her legs and rub her feet, otherwise the feeling of soreness can really toss peopleEnough.

Pregnant mothers have thin waistlines before pregnancy, and even vest lines, and their abdomen has no trace of fat.But after they become pregnant women, not only will the stomach become round and big, but they are likely to be covered with stretch marks.The stretch marks on their stomachs are deep and light, long and short, and the shapes are like a earthworm.And this stretch marks makes people feel very itchy, but pregnant women and mothers cannot scratch them, they can only endure.The most terrible thing is that even if the mothers of pregnant women are born, the children’s stretch marks will not disappear. Once the pregnant woman’s mother grows stretch marks during pregnancy, these "small earthworms" will accompany the mother of pregnant women in their lives, and will make the pregnant woman’s belly black.One degree.

When pregnant women are pregnant, those who need to do very worn inspections, such as Tang sieve sugar, drink a large bowl of sugar water with high concentration of sugar, is simply a nightmare for each pregnant woman mother.

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