What is the low progesterone during pregnancy?Let me share my experience (the normal value of progesterone in the inside)

When women are pregnant, they often go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination of their bodies, check their physical health, and check the baby’s health in the stomach.If women find that progesterone is 20, it may not know if it is normal.So, is progesterone 20 normal during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a natural progesterone secreted by the ovarian luteal, that is, progesterone, is also known as progesterone and progesterone.Cannoga is a hormone produced by the human body. Both men and women can create this hormone.But it is mainly produced in the ovaries, which means that women often create more.Cannoga can protect women’s uterine endometrium. During women’s pregnancy, progesterone hormones can provide support and guarantee for early growth and development of the fetus, and can also calm the uterus to a certain degree of calming.In addition, progesterone is a necessary progesterone for pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, the reference value of progesterone is as follows. Pregnant women can judge their own situation through the reference value (need to specifically explain that the instruments and reagents detected in each hospital may float up and down. In the endData refer to):

1, 7 weeks: 24.5 +/- 7.6ng/ml (76.4 +/- 23.7nmoll).

2, 8 weeks: 28.6 +/- 7.9ng/ml (89.2 +/- 24.6nmoll).

3. 9-12 weeks: 38.0 +/- 13.0ng/ml (118.6 +/- 40.6nmoll).

4, 13-16 weeks: 45.5 +/- 14.0ng/ml (142.0 +/- 43.7nmoll).

5, 17-20 weeks: 63.3 +/- 14.0ng/ml (197.5 +/- 43.7nmoll).

6, 21-24 weeks: 110.9 +/- 35.7ng/ml (346.0 +/-111.4nmoll).

7, 25-34 weeks: 165.3 +/- 35.7ng/ml (514.8 +/-111.4nmoll).

After 8, 35 weeks: 202.0 +/- 47.0ng/ml (630.2 +/- 146.6nmoll).

In life, there are many reasons that lead to low women’s progesterone. Low progesterone should attract our attention.First of all, it may be the cause of reproductive endocrine. When women develop in the early stage of embryo, women need to be estrogen, progesterone, and chorionic gonad hormone.

Secondly, it is the problem of reproductive immunity. Try to avoid the disease that is always repeated. If women have some antibodies after pregnancy, they may also cause embryonic dysplasia, and then low progesterone.

At a certain level of progesterone, you can keep your fetus.If the progesterone value is lower than 25 and there is no fetal heart, there is no need to protect the fetus.After pregnancy, progesterone is found, and you can take medicine under the guidance of doctors. Generally, it is luteum capsule or musching ketone tablets.If progesterone is still not significantly improved, you can also try to inject progesterone and follow your doctor’s advice.

In short, during pregnancy, during different periods, the value of progesterone will be different, and it is necessary to deal with it according to the actual situation.If the progesterone is low, you should seek medical treatment in time and deal with it under the guidance of the doctor.Of course, the progesterone value will fluctuate, don’t be too nervous. As long as you follow the doctor’s advice, your physical problems will be solved.

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