What is the normal value of HCG during pregnancy?

For women who have been preparing for a long time, want to know if they are pregnant successfully. In addition to testing with early pregnancy test strips, if you want to know more accurately whether you are pregnant, you need to use HCG.I believe that most people can guess what the role of HCG is.That’s right, HCG test can accurately know whether pregnancy is successful.

HCG is also known as human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a sugar protein secreted by the nourishing layer cells of the placenta.On the 6th day after fertilization, the fertilized egg nourishment layer formed and secreted a trace HCG. When the fertilization was 7-8 days, the HCG could be detected in the blood after the fertilized egg was imposed.By the peak period of 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, it fell quickly to 10% of the peak after 1-2 weeks.

In fact, in addition to judging whether to be pregnant, HCG also has the following functions:

Determine whether ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy: The HCG value of normal pregnant women will increase several times every 2 days. If the result of blood drawing after two days will increase by less than 66%, that is, the blood HCG examination is lower than the level of pregnancy in the normal palace, but it is higher than that of HCG when unhappy.The level may be ectopic pregnancy.

In the HCG value of ectopic pregnancy, the blood HCG test during ectopic pregnancy may be lower than the level of normal intrauterine pregnancy, but it will be higher than the HCG level when the pregnancy is not pregnant.

The basis for successful fetal protection

If the value of the HCG continues to decline, it means that it is not suitable for continuing to keep the fetus, and you must consider whether you should stop your pregnancy; if HCG continues to rise, it means that the fetus is successful.If early pregnancy women’s blood HCG is significantly low (below 2500IU/L) or continuous monitoring is a downward trend, there is a possibility of miscarriage or death.

HCG examination can also find out whether the uterus is clear and clean during the abortion surgery. If the surgery is incomplete, the HCG examination will be positive.When completely miscarriage or death, HCG is negative from positive, so the blood HCG value can be used as a reference basis for the treatment of palaces.

Generally, at the 9th week of pregnancy, the normal value of HCG is 10000 ~ 1000000LU | L. This value is also the highest period, and it will slowly decrease in 12 weeks.Therefore, whether it is a woman who is preparing for pregnancy or a pregnant mother, not only knows the neutrality of HCG, but also the normal value corresponding to HCG during pregnancy.

So what is the normal value of HCG during pregnancy?

0.2-1 weeks of pregnancy: 5-50 at this time the HCG value in the blood is almost unchanged, and risk is not considered for the time being.

1-2 weeks of pregnancy: 50-500 to increase the growth of β-HCG at no less than 66%after 2 days, and the possibility of ectopic pregnancy should be considered.

2-3 weeks of pregnancy: 100-5000 same as above

3-4 weeks of pregnancy: 500-10000 with the same as above

4-5 weeks of pregnancy: 1000-50000 35-50 days after pregnancy can be ascended to greater than 2500IU/L. If it is lower than this value, there may be a pioneering abortion risk.

5-6 weeks of pregnancy: 10000-100000 suddenly fell sharply.

6-8 weeks of pregnancy: 15000-200000 same as above

2nd-March: 10000-100000 reaches its peak and partially falls, but it is still higher than when it is not pregnant.

μg/L (micro gram/liter), MIU/ML (international unit/ml), and IU/L (international unit/liter) are all units that may appear on the blood HCG checklist.

In some hospitals, the unit is written on NG/ML (Nike/ml), but there is no difference. One is the old unit and the other is a new unit.

Then you should pay attention to those situations to do HCG inspection:

HCG is a kind of protein hormone produced by gonads with gonads with a nourishing layer of the placental chorion. It consists of the two peptide chains of α and β.The test of β-HCG in general hospitals is applied to cell nourishment and pregnancy diagnosis.

Generally HCG’s examination will be divided into urine tests and blood tests. Some Baoma does not know which check to use, and the effect will be better. If Baoma is really not sure, you can consider the test twice, or you can consider these two two times, or you can consider these two two times.The seeds are done to ensure authenticity.

If it is a test of β-HCG, doctors usually recommend that the blood HCG examination is subject to it, and the urine examination is easily affected by other factors. For example, some hormones, such as LH hormones, can react with the test strip, and false positives will occur.And as well as thyroid hormones, it will have an impact.And it is difficult to identify which false positive, so urine tests are more interference than blood β-HCG.

Blood HCG negative, urine HCG shows positive, first consider false positive problems. First, it may be related to the degree of concentration of urine. The longer the urine storage time, the more HCG accumulates.EssenceSecond, it may be due to the increased enzyme abnormality of the β-HCG of the nourishing layer of macrophages during pregnancy, so that excessive degradation products are secreted into the urine, resulting in false positives.

Generally, HCG of urine cannot objectively reflect the condition. It is necessary to monitor the activity of nourishing cells at the same time, and provide accurate basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment. The most accurate measurement results should be measured with blood HCG.You can consider testing twice. If the blood HCG is negative, then the urine is false positive.

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