What is the normal value of women’s luteal period progesterone?Changes in each stage

Mogoone is also a progesterone, which is mainly secreted by women’s ovarian luteal.As a natural elegance, progesterone plays an important role in women.Performatone is also a very important hormone during pregnancy. If the progesterone value is too low, it will often lead to abortion of pregnant women.Women’s progesterone values will change after pregnancy, and they need to check their bodies regularly.

What is progesterone?

Performatone is a kind of progesterone and is a progesterone secreted by a woman’s body, which can play a role of negative feedback regulation.If the progesterone value of women during pregnancy becomes low, premature birth and abortion are prone to symptoms.If unmarried women’s progesterone values are reduced, women are often infertile.Puresty can support the development of the fetus during pregnancy and secrete in the ovaries.As the pregnancy age increases, the level of progesterone will become higher and higher. By the end of pregnancy, the progesterone value will become higher, which is more beneficial to women’s breeding.

Women’s examination of progesterone during pregnancy is mainly to understand the function of progesterone and confirm whether the ovaries have ovulation.In the middle and late pregnancy, progesterone will increase significantly by dozens of times, and the progesterone value of twins will be higher than a single child.If the examination is found to be reduced, it is often a threatened abortion, or the amenorrhea syndrome has occurred, and the patient needs to check and actively treat it in time.Generally speaking, progesterone values have suddenly decreased after women’s delivery.

What is the normal value of women’s luteal period progesterone?

Women’s progesterone values in each stage will change. In general, women’s progesterone values have not been pregnant in the luteal stage is 6.4-79.5Nmol/L.Unsupering women, their progesterone is secreted in large quantities by ovarian progesterone in the second half of the menstrual cycle.It is worth noting that the progesterone value of women in late pregnancy will be relatively high, and the numerical interval is 20.8-103.0nmol/L.If the progesterone value is not within this range, you need to consult your doctor’s opinions in time and take treatment measures.In addition, the progesterone value of the female follicle period is 0.6-1.0nmol/L, and the progesterone value of the ovulation period is 1.0-11.2nmol/L. The changes in these values need to be understood clearly.

In short, understanding the changes in progesterone can clearly know the health of women at each stage.Und pregnant women have the lowest progesterone value before ovulation, slowly rise after ovulation, and the highest progesterone value in the luteal stage is the highest.If a woman is pregnant, the progesterone value will start at the level of the luteal stage, and the progesterone value will begin to rise until the placental formation is formed.Therefore, when checking progesterone, you must first pay attention to your physical condition, and judge the normal progesterone in different periods in contrast to your physical changes.

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