What is the reason for women’s leucorrhea?5 factors, not to be ignored

Gynecological diseases have always plagued women and have a trend of aging.Lands are an important basis for us to observe and speculate whether private parts are healthy.For women, or the beginning of the disease, we must pay special attention. Let ’s take a look at the factors about leucorrhea abnormalities and more leucorrhea!

What is mostly caused by female leucorrhea

1. Ovulation leucorrhea during ovulation

If women are ovulation, a large amount of hormones will be secreted in the body, and leucorrhea secretion and viscous symptoms will occur at this time.However, with the past of ovulation, this symptom can be relieved by itself, so as long as it is kept clean and hygienic.

2. Pregnancy leucorrhea

After pregnancy, the amount of leucorrhea will increase after pregnancy, mainly due to the secretion of sex hormones and progesterone, which causes congestion in the adjacent organs, which stimulates vaginal leucorrhea secretion.

3. Pressure leucorrhea

If the pressure is too strong or emotional is always in a state of excessive tension, anxiety, and depression, it may lead to neurological dysfunction, which will affect endocrine, and then increase leucorrhea.But as long as the mentality is adjusted in time, it can gradually improve.

4. Inflammation infection

In fact, women leucorrhea is mostly caused by inflammation, and it may be caused by white Candida, vaginal fur, or chlamydia.At this time, it is best to do routine leucorrhea in time.

5. Cervical erosion

If there is cervical erosion, women will have too much leucorrhea symptoms.At this time, it is necessary to determine the specific condition in time and treat it with medicine or hysteroscopy.

How to avoid abnormal leucorrhea?

1. Develop healthy living habits

Staying up late, the work and rest time are good. It is a very basic protection. The focus is on cleaning problems. Bathing every day is the main. It is good to wash the private parts with warm water. There is no need to use cleaning solution to clean it. It is easy to destroy the pH of the private parts.Clean the same room before and after the same room. It is best to wear TT in the same room.

2. Keep bacterial balance

Do not use antibiotics and other washing agents, which will destroy the balance of the flora.In addition, when you feel uncomfortable, you can appropriately supplement the balance of lactic acid bacteria.For example, before and after the physiological period, when the bacteria and pathogenic bacteria are easy to reproduce, they can take oral or external probiotics.

If women have abnormal colors, odors, properties, and characteristics of leucorrhea, it is likely to be caused by gynecological diseases.Early medical treatment can restore the disease as soon as possible and avoid developing a more serious disease.Therefore, women must pay attention to the secretion of leucorrhea. Whether it is the increase in leucorrhea caused by citizens, this is very important for the prevention and health care of gynecological diseases. It is recommended to do regular gynecological examinations once a year.

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