What kind of appearance changes and discomfort will pregnancy bring to beautiful pregnant mothers?

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On the weekend, a friend Xiaoju, who had just passed the pregnancy period.She refused on the phone and did not want to move, run, or meet her friends.

ah?Is this depression during pregnancy?

Under the questioning, she said that she has become so ugly now, her skin is poor, and her body is deficient; my belly is a bit raised, and the past summer clothes cannot be worn at all; coupled with the epidemic situationI ca n’t make up … Anyway, I just do n’t want to go out, and I am willing to stay at home every day, and I lose my temper inexplicably in my husband.

Alas, as a friend, we can fully understand her. Before pregnancy, she was the most beautiful and most beautiful little sister of our friends.Body -to -appearance, from temperament to connotation, are outstanding.

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In fact, pregnant mothers will have various changes and discomfort during pregnancy. With the changes in hormones, they will also lead to inexplicable irritability and extremely unstable mood, making the original beauty who love beauty gradually lack confidence.

What kind of appearance changes and discomfort will pregnancy bring to beautiful pregnant mothers?How can we calmly cope?

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In January of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers have no feeling of pregnancy. Some sensitive pregnant mothers or pregnant mothers who have been preparing for pregnancy may have abnormal feelings like colds.

In February of pregnancy, pregnant mothers may have the condition that the body’s basic temperature continues to be high, physical fatigue, frequent urination, breast hair rise, waist -rising waist acid, leucorrhea and other conditions.

In March of pregnancy, pregnant mothers may have constipation or diarrhea, increased the number of urine times, the pain in the waist is obvious, and the breasts are even more inflated. They have begun to take shape.

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Compared with less obvious physical changes, emotional changes in early pregnancy are the most obvious.

The changes in hormones often lead to changes in the emotions of pregnant mothers often ups and downs. The last instant was still excited, and the next instant would be frustrated.In addition, pregnant mothers may also become anxious and irritable, over -responding to small things, and things that may pass by in the past, now they will care about, inexplicably frustrated, cry, want to be alone, but afraid of being alone.

The emergence of these situations is actually normal for pregnant mothers.Usually treat it, when you are emotionally excited, you will be alone when you are in peace with your family and friends when you are calm, and you will be able to get the understanding and help of your family and friends.

At this time, I must believe in myself, there is difficult to control emotions, and physical changes are not your heart, but because of the changes in hormones and endocrine changes, just relax.

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In April of pregnancy, the body and psychology of pregnant mothers had passed the relatively sensitive early pregnancy. You can see the bulge of the stomach, and you can gradually feel the presence of the baby.The waist will have a heavy sense, the number of urination is increased, and the nutritional demand will be increased.

In May, the appetite of pregnant mothers increased significantly, and the weight began to increase. The uterus continued to change, which would make some pregnant mothers feel full of belly or indigestion.

In June of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly was getting bigger and bigger, the weight increased significantly, the back and waist had pain, and the lower limbs may have puffy state, which was particularly prone to fatigue.

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Compared with the relatively comfortable body of pregnant mothers, there will be some unhappy situations.

Some pregnant mothers will have a particularly shiny skin during pregnancy, but as the secretion of oil increases, acne will also become a common skin problem for pregnant mothers; there are also some pregnant mothers who start to appear on the face of chloasm and pregnancy spots;Mom will also find stretch marks on her belly and thigh.This is caused by changes in progesterone.

In fact, the problems of the skin are cleaned, and sun protection every day to avoid melanin and stay on the skin after the melanin is exposed to ultraviolet rays.

The problem of stretch marks is mostly caused by the rapid weight gain during pregnancy.Exercise appropriately, reducing weight gain, can effectively prevent this situation.

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In July of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s uterus was getting larger and larger, and the body shape was obvious. There would also be cases where calf cramps, constipation, back and back pain were unbearable.

In August pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s abdomen was prominent, the body was heavy, and the movement began to be difficult. Some pregnant mothers may have puffiness, dizziness, breathlessness, palpitations, etc., and the puffiness was obvious at night, and the next morning would improve.

In September of pregnancy, the continued increase in the uterus will compress the heart, stomach and other organs of pregnant mothers, causing anxiety, bloating, and loss of appetite.

In October of pregnancy, the baby’s baby entered the basin, and the bottom of the palace decreased. The body of the pregnant mother felt better and increased appetite, but in contrast, it was the tension of the upcoming delivery.

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Most of them occur in the edema and varicose veins of the lower limbs. Pregnant mothers should avoid standing and sedentary for a long time, and they can also wear trousers with support to alleviate this situation.

The cramps of the calf are related to the passing calcium.The growth of the baby needs too much calcium in pregnant mothers, adding more calcium, and massage the legs, which can effectively alleviate this situation.

Hemorrhoids and constipation that appear in the third trimester often make pregnant mothers more upset.The best way is to prevent. Eat more fiber -rich foods, drink plenty of water, exercise appropriately, sit less, and seek a doctor’s help when necessary!

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In addition to these physical conditions, the psychological state of the third trimester is also worthy of the pregnant mother.Most pregnant mothers will not help but worry about the pelvic problem that they face immediately: whether to give birth or caesarean section?Can you bear the pain of production?Will it be out of mind …

In fact, these do not have to worry about.Now that you have to go, you must rush forward bravely!

Give professional things to professional people to do it, listen to doctors’ suggestions, follow the doctor’s advice, production pain is an unable to speak and describe pain, but it is also the easiest to forget.All the pain disappeared!In my heart, my eyes are full of endless love for this little baby!

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