What kind of experience is pregnancy night shift?

The "Special Regulations for Women’s Workers’ Labor Protection" mentioned that for female employees who are more than 7 months pregnant, employers shall not extend labor time or arrange night shift work, and shall arrange a certain rest time within the labor time.

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In the second child, do the nurses dare to fight for the second child?When I think of two children growing up and playing together, it is really a sense of happiness.But when I think of pregnancy, I still have to do a night shift, and how many people immediately dispel the idea of the second child.

When I was pregnant that year, the first day after I took a few days of sick leave to come back to work, the head nurse moved out of the labor law to talk to me about the night shift. The "Special Regulations for the Protection of Female Workers" mentioned that the female employees who were more than 7 months pregnant,The employer shall not extend the labor time or arrange night shift work, and shall arrange a certain rest time within the labor time.This requires this, which means that the night shift can be exempted from 7 months (28 weeks).Here, it is not to be demonized by the nurses, the department is very lacking, and she is helpless.I had a great response to early pregnancy. I had insisted on returning to work. I also talked about the night shift with me. At that time, I burst into tears.Pregnancy is not a matter of me alone. It is a family matter. Can I have a rule of rest? Can I have a healthy baby?Why not directly stipulate that pregnant women are not allowed to be on duty at night, but have to wait until 7 months of pregnancy.At that time, I was very excited and stubborn. People who made these regulations were not born. I was pregnant at night. You can try it.

When other expectant mothers are crying, when we have to go to work, we have to work hard. The nurses and sisters of our pregnancy are all on duty. The 2/3 of our pregnancy is in the night shift. This is a common phenomenon.Only a few nurse does not have night shifts during pregnancy, which are special reasons, such as habitual abortion and the like can be spared.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the stomach was still painful. Early pregnancy responded to a great response. When I went to work, I was looking for a trash can at any time.It is particularly easy to be sleepy, the night shift is under great pressure, staring at his eyes, and when he encounters rescue rushing at the forefront, he completely forgets that his body has a little him.

Various discomfort during pregnancy and the toss of the night shift, don’t say that you can enjoy the joy of pregnancy. The biggest wish is that he can sleep well, so that the baby in the belly can also have a normal schedule.Basically, the night shifts could not get up at noon.In the middle period, counting the number of night shifts, almost 28 weeks, finally reached the late pregnancy, the end of the night shift 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …

During pregnancy is a wonderful process. I encouraged myself to survive one night shift after another. The birth of the baby was finally relieved, just healthy!All the hardships and grievances are swept away.After experiencing, knowing the kind of sadness and hard work, and really calling on the pregnant medical staff to avoid the night shift, 28 weeks, at least 28 night shifts, and 28 overnights, not ordinary people can experience it.If you can, start from a department, start with a hospital, care for the prospective mother of the night shift to avoid night shifts.

Wen Jing: It’s not just pregnant women. I don’t want to get pregnant. I want to die last night.

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