What methods can be treated by attachment inflammation

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Many people in life are more distressed about the occurrence of diseases such as attachment inflammation. The occurrence of attachment inflammatory diseases will also endanger the health of patients, normal sexual life and normal pregnancy.Family also causes a certain problem, so what methods can appenditis be treated?

1. The vaginal medicine, the effect is better

2. Antibiotics

For patients with obvious symptoms, antibiotics should be used to treat.Antibiotics can kill residual pathogenic bacteria and prevent acute attacks.The commonly used drugs are still penicillin, galcopromycin, and extinguishing dripping spirit. The usage is the same as the acute fallopian tube ovarianitis and pelvic peritonitis.

3. Tissue therapy

Such as the placenta tissue liquid, placental globulin, muscle injection, once or the next day, 15 times for 1 course of treatment.

4. Physical therapy

Warm and benign stimulus can promote the blood circulation of the pelvic cavity and improve the nutritional state of local tissues to facilitate the absorption and decline of inflammation.Commonly used physical therapy include short -wave, ultra -short waves, infrared, audio, and ions.However, do not use physical therapy when the body temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C or the germ tuberculosis.

Three ways to eat drug treatment:

1. Western medicine antibiotics: Patients with attachmentitis can choose western medicine treatment attachmentitis. Western medicine treatment is mainly antibiotic drugs for controlling acute infection of attachmentitis.However, when selecting western medicine antibiotics, it should be passed to determine whether this type of antibiotics can be selected.

2. Slowly conditioning traditional Chinese medicine: The chronic inflammation of the anecades in the uterine appendix is more advantageous than western medicine.Annexal inflammation of traditional Chinese medicine is often not as good as Western medicine, but the symptoms will gradually be reduced. As the treatment can be deepened or even completely disappeared, the attachment is restored to normal health.

3. Traditional Chinese and Western medicine combined therapy: What medicine is good for attachmentitis? Sometimes, it is better to treat attachmentitis by traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine.Physiotherapy can not only accelerate local edema dissipation, blood circulation circulation, but also help promote the absorption of traditional Chinese medicine by the body, and maximize the effect of medicinal effects.

The method of treating attachment inflammation has been introduced in detail in the content of the article. The above methods are relatively good for the effect of treating attachmentitis. Many patients in life are using these methods for treatment. Patients during the treatment period.You must also have a reasonable diet, do a good job of nursing, and adjust your mentality.

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