What should I do?Do you need to be treated?

Nowadays, although we live in the 21st century, although our lives are more and more convenient, there are more and more diseases, and it is easy to be "stared" by some diseases.Therefore, in order to prevent some gynecological diseases from suffering from some gynecological diseases, some female friends insist on conducting regular examinations every year. Once they are found to have a disease, they are treated in a timely manner.But even so, we cannot completely avoid the infringement of the disease.

For example, the disease caused by this HPV that I want to talk about today.Most female friends have found HPV display positive during the physical examination, which means that there are HPV virus infections on the cervix, and they feel scared.Moreover, self -proclaimed that he usually pays attention to hygiene and has no chaos sexual relationship. Why does this happen?

In fact, infected with HPV virus, sexual transmission is only one of them, and other factors may also lead to this result.So, if the gynecological examination really detects HPV positive, does it need to be treated?How should it be treated?

Before answering the above questions, we need to figure out what HPV is and how it is infected.HPV is the abbreviation of the English -spectatum virus. It can cause benign tumors (genital warts) and malignant tumors (cervical cancer). Almost all cervical cancer cases are caused by HPV infection.

At present, there is no effective drug treatment HPV infection, so prevention is very important.In the clinic, HPV we can detect hundreds of subtypes, that is, it is a sisters, but these more than 100 sub -type HPVs are not pathogenic.

There are about 20 viruses that we often measure clinically.Among the 13-15 types that are often measured, HPV16 and HPV18 are the most pathogenic.

So how do female friends infected with HPV?

From the perspective of communication channels, there are generally four ways: sexually transmission, indirect contact, medical derived infection, and maternal and baby communication.Sexual communication is a relatively common way to spread, and everyone is well known.For people with premature sexual behavior or more sexual behavior, they are more vulnerable to infection.Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the health and hygiene of sexual life to protect each other.

Indirect contact is also the most common way of contact in our lives.Generally, it is exposed to daily necessities in the infected HPV virus patients, such as personal clothes, bath towels and bathtons.Therefore, in public, you must pay attention to sanitation, and do not take bathing in uninteripient bathhouses, swimming pools and other places.Try not to use public bathtubs and toilets.

At the same time, the reduction of the body’s immune function is also a way and possibility of virus invasion. If the immune function of female friends has decreased, it will also greatly increase the possibility of infection with HPV virus.

In addition, maternal and infant transmission is mainly due to the baby’s birth canal with HPV virus, and the mother is transmitted to the baby.To reduce the probability of this situation, it is recommended to prepare women for pregnancy for pre -pregnancy medical examinations.

So, if you really infected HPV -positive, what should I do?Do you have to treat it?

So far, there are many places when treating HPV, using interferon, antiviral drugs, Chinese medicine, etc., but no drug can completely cure HPV.Does it sound terrible? Isn’t it saved after the virus infected?

In fact, it is not, depending on which virus we are infected.HPV is divided into high -risk and low -risk types. High -risk HPV infection leads to most cervix, penis, perineum, vagina, anal and oral pharyngeal cancer and pre -cancer lesions.Low -risk HPV infection can lead to the hyperplasia of genital warts and recurrent respiratory nipples.

Among the HPV family, HPV16 and type 18 are the most common virus types of patients with cervical cancer.Although half of the cervical patients are HPV16 infections, they will not cause cervical cancer when they are not infected with type 16 or 18.Most HPV infections, including high -risk carcinogenic HPVs, can be cleared by themselves within 12 months, usually a sexual infection.

When HPV infection cannot be removed, it may develop to condyloma acuminatum, and 90 % of genital warts are caused by non -carcinogenic HPV6 or 11.Generally speaking, it is asymptomatic and occasionally symptoms of pain or itching.

Therefore, it is not necessary to treat it after HPV -positive. Only when a female friend has a visible lesion (such as condyloma acuminatum) or pathological proves that there is a lesion (such as CIN), can treatment and even surgery.There is no need to treat latent infections and sub -clinical infections.

In addition, after HPV is infected, HPV positive can also turn overcast by improving resistance.Therefore, it is not infected with HPV -positive, and the low -risk HPV population mainly relies on improving its own immunity to make HPV yin. In the future, I will also share with you several methods to improve HPV immunity.

For high -risk HPV treatment, some doctors will prescribe some drugs such as interferon to assist, and interferon is also an immune enhancer.However, if someone has adverse reactions such as fever and chest pain, medication needs to be stopped.However, this is also different.

After reading this, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of HPV. In fact, everyone does not have to talk about HPV color changes.Most women with high -risk HPV infection are cleared by the body’s immune system by the body within 2 years. Only a small part of women will have HPV infection.

Even if it is continuously infected with HPV virus, it will take 7 to 10 years to develop to the shortest cervical cancer.Moreover, after most people infected HPV positive, they can also turn HPV to overcast by improving their own immunity.

Some female friends may have doubts again. If they are infected with HPV virus, can they still get pregnant?The answer is okay.It is understood that after HPV is infected with the host, it will not enter the human blood circulation.Therefore, infection HPV during pregnancy does not affect the development of the fetus and will not cause teratogenic.

We just said that the chance of turning the HPV virus is relatively high. How can we improve our HPV immunity?

1. Healthy living habits

There must be a regular schedule, combining work and rest.It is very important to maintain a sufficient sleep, try not to stay up late.Because good sleep can relax our entire body and the brain can rest.Conversely, if you often stay up late, the immune system in the body will be in a semi -operating state. The rest time will be irregular, and the immune system will feel tired, causing immunity.

Therefore, the regular sleep is really important for our body.In addition, do not smoke and drink, these are more hurting the body.

2. Balanced diet

You can eat high -protein foods, such as beef, pork, fish, shrimp, eggs and soy products, etc. These can improve immunity.In addition, vegetables and fruits should also be eaten, such as apples, grapes, kiwi, cherries, strawberries, carrots, spinach, western blue flowers, etc., which can not only help improve immunity, but also have good benefits for our bodies.

In addition, you should also eat more coarse grains, because coarse grains can provide sufficient vitamins and minerals for the body, especially the vitamins and minerals contained in the germ and bran of coarse grains, which is conducive to our HPV to overcast.

3. Appropriate exercise

According to studies, exercise can help "rinse" lung bacteria and improve the ability of the immune system to detect diseases.In addition, daily activities and physical exercise can increase human muscles and maintain nutritional conditions.It is recommended to keep exercise for more than 3 days a week and 30 to 60 minutes each time.You can usually choose to walk, jog, cycling, swimming, badminton, yoga, etc. These are good choices.

In short, strengthening self -movement can improve the human body’s resistance to disease, everyone must persist.

4. Healthy psychological state

According to studies, the cheerful and lively character, optimistic and pleasant emotions can also enhance people’s immunity.And good social and harmonious interpersonal relationships can reduce the chance of disease.Learn to relax, listen to music, and talk more about life with friends, which has great benefits to improving the immunity of the human body.

5. Try to avoid the use of hormone drugs

In addition, although large doses of hormones can be used for shock therapy for certain diseases, it cannot be used frequently. Excessive use may cause the immune function to decrease.

The above are several methods for improving HPV immunity. Once female friends find that they infected with HPV, they must follow the doctor’s order.Mild people do not need to be treated, and you can usually learn more about how to improve your immunity.Don’t panic at high -risk HPV people, actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, and strive to stay away from cervical cancer.


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