What should I do?Wash healthier?NO, NO, NO

The advertisement of "FU YAN JIE, is more healthy" directly hit the hearts of women, which led many people to repeatedly rinse vagina in order to prevent vaginitis in order to prevent vaginitis, causing vaginal flora dysfunction and led to vaginitis.The most common complaints in gynecological clinics are "vaginal itching", "pregnancy", "bleeding", "stomach pain", and vaginal itching is ranked first. This shows that the incidence of this disease is very high.

Studies have shown that in a woman’s life, it will get at least once a vaginitis, which is a special experience.In vaginitis, vaginal vaginal fake silk yeast disease, most people are more willing to call it "mold vaginitis."Pseudoma yeast is a conditional pathogenic bacteria, mostly living in the vagina.When the human body is in a healthy state, fake silk yeast will not invade tissue and inflammation reaction occurs.When the local or vaginal immune function decreases, the fake silk yeast will "attack the human body" to infringe the vaginal tissue and cause inflammation.Common symptoms: itching of vulva, increased leucorrhea, and sexual intercourse pain.

Vulvar itching caused by mold vaginitis is often unbearable and difficult to sleep, especially before going to bed at night. Some patients can’t stand it. They often go to the night emergency treatment.Bean residue, water -like, and even yellow -green condensed milk, some patients urinate stimulating vulva and swollen parts, which will also be painful.

Why do you feel like this?Why recur on repeatedly?This has a lot to do with healthy living habits. Repeated and non -necessary vaginal rinsers, a large number of immunosuppressants, pregnancy and diabetes, the body’s immunity is low, the vaginal tissue has increased in the glycogen original, and the acidity increases, which is conducive to the growth of false silk yeast growth; Long -term application of broad -spectrum antibiotics, inhibiting the growth of lactobacillus, receiving a large amount of estrogen treatment, etc., often wearing tight chemical fibrous underwear, which increases the local temperature and humidity of the vulva.

How to prevent the occurrence of mold vaginitis?First of all, change the habits of bad living habits, wear cotton underwear, and wash their underwear frequently. If the family or has a ringworm, onychomycosis, etc., it is easy to cause cross -infection of fake silk yeast.Therefore, the underwear must be washed alone; the underwear with good breathability, try to wear tight pants or jeans as little as possible; pay attention to cleaning the vulva and keep it clean and dry., Pay attention to the cleaning of the hand. After going from the go, rinse in turn, and the low resistance person, try to swim in the public swimming pool as little as possible, do not use the hotel bathtop, etc.; Rest on timeEat more light and nutritious foods, drink more water and eat more vegetables.Spicy, fat and greasy, desserts, and cold foods.Perform physical exercise appropriately to improve physical fitness. If there is diabetes, control blood sugar within the normal range.

Simple fungal vaginitis can be used for local application of antifungal drugs such as clmcmonizole vagina and moldin, oral antifungrams such as fluoropangazole, and try to give enough medication time to achieve healing effects. Complex fungus that recurred and recurred.Sexual vaginitis needs to extend the medication time on the basis of the above, and then give consolidate treatment after strengthening the treatment. Pay attention to liver function changes during the period.(Try not to take the medicine by yourself, it is best to perform the routine leucorrhea inspection whether it is a mold infection [呲 (])

Mold vaginitis during pregnancy should go to a regular hospital for treatment, give local medication, and should not take antifungal drugs orally.

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