What should I do after I know that I am pregnant?Most pregnant mothers didn’t do it right

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After learning that they are pregnant, they must be very happy, and when they are happy, there are actually many important things to do.

Many people know that they have to go to the hospital for three months of pregnancy to build a card to facilitate future production examinations, but few pregnant mothers know that after learning that after pregnancy, the first thing that should be done is to see the "early outpatient clinic".

Today’s husband and wife pay more and more attention to "eugenics and excellence", and in order to allow the baby to be born smoothly, there are many precautions during pregnancy, such as "what can I eat, what can not eat", "Can you make makeup during pregnancy", etc. TheseCommon problems in life will make the first pregnant pregnant mother feel very confused.

At this time, the role of the early outpatient clinic was displayed.After pregnancy, the pregnant mother goes to the clinic in the early pregnancy, and the doctors in it will communicate with some precautions during pregnancy with some precautions during pregnancy.

Such as problems that can be encountered during pregnancy, the lifestyle of pregnant mothers, etc., through the mentality of pregnancy, etc., even those who have normal physical indicators or have production experience, it is necessary to look at the early trimester clinics.

To communicate with the doctors in the early pregnancy clinic, doctors can let pregnant mothers understand and pay attention to issues that need attention during pregnancy, and even help pregnant mothers to do a good job of living planning and production inspection plans throughout pregnancy.

Or some people say that these taboos during pregnancy have results as long as they are checked on the Internet, but the answers and experiences on the Internet are not exactly suitable for everyone, so relevant experts suggest that women should go to early trimester clinics after learning about pregnancy.

For those pregnant mothers with relatively poor economic conditions, the most concerned about the inspection of the inspection is the issue of the expenses of the production inspection, and it will even give up some of the production inspection items because of the cost of inspection.

At present, hospitals with early outpatient clinics are not common. Although rare, the fees are not high. It is about tens of yuan. You can enjoy communication and consultation with experts face face -to -face to comprehensively solve the trouble of pregnancy.Of course, the charging situation depends on the situation of the area and hospital.

In life, most hospitals are only early pregnancy clinics, and they often do simple operations such as checking blood, doing B -ultrasound, and seeing chemical examinations.Pregnant mother.

After discovering that you are pregnant, in addition to the early pregnancy examination, there are several important things, it is best to do it in advance.

1) Product inspection and archives

After the B-ultrasound examination in the early pregnancy, it is determined that it can be built after pregnancy, or you can make an appointment for NT examinations of 11 -13 weeks in advance.

2) Reservation bed

At 11-12 weeks of pregnancy, you can actually make an appointment to the bed in the hospital, especially like some sought-after hospitals. You may not be able to make an appointment when you are late, so you must go to the appointment as soon as possible.

3) Reservations for Moonlight or Confinement Center

Like the bed, the maternal who invited the Moonlight or the confinement center after giving birth generally must be determined half a year in advance, because good people or confinement centers will definitely be reserved in advance.

4) Prepare to be given in advance

There are still a lot of maternal and infant supplies needed for production and postpartum. Mothers after pregnancy can prepare in advance, so as not to buy them together in the third trimester, it is easy to lose three or four.

5) Baby name

Before discharging, the baby needs to apply for a birth certificate, and the name on the birth certificate. In the end, if you think about it, you can use the name when running a hukou.

Therefore, the pregnant mother can also think of the baby’s name during pregnancy. In this way, the time is sufficient and can also take a good name.

Recommended good things:

In the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers are really needed to read a system to introduce books during pregnancy, and they will have a comprehensive understanding of pregnancy.

Although it is the era of electronic information, the information obtained from the Internet is too fragmented, and more is anxious, and reading books is more at ease and expectations.

Especially for the early pregnancy pregnant mothers, there are countless unknown in their hearts. This "Early pregnancy should be taboo", starting from the pre -pregnancy preparation, from the various parties of life, it fully introduced the "should" in the early stages of pregnancy.And "avoid", it is worth reading.Early pregnancy should be compiled with Liu Guosheng to buy ¥ 15 to buy

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