What should I do at 28 weeks of pregnancy?The first thing is particularly critical

Entering 28 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s brain is quite developed, and there are obvious hair and gradually become smooth.At this time, TA’s eyes can be opened and closed, and it also forms its own sleep cycle.

At the same time, the stomach of the prospective mother will change faster, and the bottom of the palace will rise to the thorax, which will expand the ribs of the lower part of the thorax, which may feel that the chest is dull and difficult to breathe.In addition, the abdomen of the prospective mother will move forward even more. As long as the body is slightly lost, she will feel back pain or leg pain.

These generally improve after childbirth, and expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much.But in this week, the following issues should be paid well ~

1. Follow fetal movement

Starting from this week, expectant mothers have entered the perinatal period (28 weeks of pregnancy to 1 week after giving birth). Pay attention to observing the baby’s fetal movement, but simply relying on fetal movements to judge the baby’s state is not a comprehensive and objective way.Moms mothers may wish to use passive principles of fetal heart detector, such as germination to detect the baby’s 20 -minute fetal heart rate, combine the fetal heart curve with fetal movement conditions to better judge the baby’s condition.If you find any abnormalities, you need to go to the doctor in time ~

2. Practice the Kiger Movement

As the gestational week increases, many expectant mothers will start to worry about their subsequent delivery.In fact, starting from this week, expectant mothers can practice the Kiger movement, that is, pelvic movement.

This can not only help maintain stable emotions, but also enhance the strength of muscles and joints related to childbirth, so that expectant mothers have a greater thrust to the baby during childbirth, making production smoother.

3. Persist in check -on -time inspection

Starting from 28 weeks of pregnancy, the time interval of the checkup has changed to two weeks. The prospective mothers must insist on the production inspection on time in order to discover, deal with problems at any time, and avoid accidents.

Fourth, ensure nutritional intake

This week is the fastest growing baby growth, so expectant mothers must ensure their nutritional intake.Increase the intake of calories, protein and essential fatty acids, and supplement vitamin A and vitamin D.And try to eat more varieties of food to meet the needs of the body.

In addition, the development of the baby’s brain at this time has also entered a peak period. Expectant mothers can eat more brain -healthy foods such as walnuts, sesame, peanuts, etc., which is convenient for the baby to develop better.

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