What should I do during pregnancy?Don’t use the medicine, come over and tell you what to do

After pregnancy, in addition to pregnancy reactions, taste changes.Some pregnant mothers found that they had no athletes for more than ten years, but they got after pregnancy.Grasp, Rao, still uncomfortable, and dare not take medicine casually. Some pregnant women even wake up by the athletes in the middle of the night.

Why do pregnant women get athlete during pregnancy?

1: Personal hygiene does not pay attention. Most of some shots of washing are public, which can also cause cross -infection.

2: In physical problems, some people are sensitive constitutions. The change in the shape of the body during pregnancy will affect the reduction of activity, which greatly reduces its own immunity.

3: Dietary changes, as a special group of pregnant women, during this period, they will definitely eat a lot of high -fat and high -protein nutrients. Some mothers do not deliberately balance their diet.Take the opportunity.

Method of the nursing method during pregnancy:

1. Pay attention to your feet hygiene.Wash your feet frequently, change your socks, keep your feet dry, breathable, and dry in the sun after washing.Soak your feet with hot water before going to bed.

2. Try to wear less breathable shoes, such as sneakers, travel shoes, etc.These shoes will lead to a large increase in sweat. In this case, not only can it cause athletes, but also make the foot odor worsen.

3. Stay away from spicy food.Do not eat foods that are easy to cause sweating, such as pepper, green onions, raw garlic.

4. Maintain a good attitude, excitement and tension are easy to induce more sweat and aggravate foot odor.

What should I do if the pregnant woman’s foot is itchy?

Pregnant women are in a special period of pregnancy. If you have athletes, it is best not to use some drugs. Do not use hormone ointments. You can choose products that are safe and sideways to treat foot. You can also adopt some safe methods.For relief and treatment.

Due to the changes in living habits and physical functions, pregnant women will lead to a series of adverse reactions. Athletes are extremely common for pregnant women, so everyone does not have to worry too much, and many will heal after giving birth.I really understand that the baby knows you better!

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