What should I do if a woman is allergic to semen?Can you still ask for a child?

Semen allergies, also known as semen surreal (SPH), are a relatively rare disease. It is a mild or severe allergic reaction caused by protein in male semen.

Studies have found that semen allergies are more common than men in women.This may be because most diagnostic case studies are concentrated on women.More research is needed to understand how this situation affects sexual partnerships between men.

Men’s allergies to their own semen are very rare, and this condition is called after climax disease syndrome.I will talk about this disease in the future.

Please continue to read to better understand the causes, symptoms and solutions of semen allergies.

Sometimes, women have symptoms with one of them, while such symptoms are not presented with the other partner.This is because male semen is a unique mixture combined with protein, liquid and other components.

Semen allergies can cause local reactions after contacting for several minutes or hours.Most women appear in the vagina, outside the labia, or around the anus (a red and itchy rash caused by direct contact with allergens).Symptoms of semen allergies include the following: rash; itching; urticaria; vascular edema (facial, arms, or leg swelling); redness.

Need to seek medical treatment:

Semen allergies can also cause systemic reactions.Allergic reactions occur when semen allergies, which is a adverse reaction caused by serious allergies.Generally, symptoms occur within a few minutes after contact with semen, and may endanger life.The following situations need to pay special attention: swelling tongue or throat swelling; breathing and breathing difficulties; dizziness or faint; fast and weak pulse; rash; nausea and vomiting.

To understand the cause of semen allergies, it is important to know the difference between semen and sperm.

Sperm is a genital cell containing genetic information for fertilization of eggs.Semen is composed of liquid secreted by reproductive organs and millions of sperm.

It is generally believed that the main allergens of semen allergies are proteins produced by prostate, but other proteins may also participate.Therefore, it is not to say that men’s sperm is allergens.

Other studies have found that drugs or food allergens can accumulate in semen and cause symptoms of sexual partners with allergic reactions.

The easiest way to diagnose SPH at home is to see if you can use condoms during sexual intercourse to prevent symptoms.

Because semen is rare, it is challenging to get accurate diagnosis.Women are often misdiagnosed: sexual transmission infection; yeast infection; vaginitis (vaginal infection or inflammation); bacterial infection.

If you suspect that you have semen allergies, please ask your doctor and ask for skin or blood allergies.When doing allergies, your doctor will expose your skin to suspected allergens. In this case, it is the semen of your partner and observe the signs of allergies closely.

Once you and your partner are diagnosed, you can use the following or more treatment methods to continue to have no allergic response sex life.

First, condoms can be used during sex to prevent skin contact with semen.This is the simplest and smallest treatment method.If you and your partner want to get pregnant, there are other methods available (see below).

Desertensitivity, also known as immunotherapy, is a treatment method used to expose the immune system to the original tolerance of allergies.In most cases, immunotherapy needs three to five years, but this change can last for many years.

If you are experiencing local allergic reactions, you can consider using local antihistamine cream.A study recommended to use sodium glycate

Vaginal cream, you can find your doctor for a prescription.

A non -prescription (OTC) or prescription allergic drugs before sex also help reduce symptoms.

It is important to formulate a treatment plan that prefer the health and happiness of both parties with your partner and doctor.

The good news is that SPH has not proven to directly affect fertility.Sperm (and semen) are still healthy.

Instead, the challenge is how to avoid allergic reaction symptoms when there is no protective behavior.

But fortunately, with the development of medicine, we have a choice today.

In slight cases, immunotherapy or drugs can help eliminate discomfort caused by allergic reactions.People with severe condition can consider artificial insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the palace.Your partner’s sperm will be washed away without allergens (protein) and is used for artificial insemination.

In any case, talking to your doctor will help you understand the risks, costs and results of all the choices.

Semen allergies or semen hyper -allergies are a disease that is yet to be studied. It will cause a slight or severe allergic reaction to specific proteins in men’s semen.Both men and women may be allergic to semen and experience a series of symptoms from local rash to allergic reactions.Prevention and treatment include the use of condoms, antihistamine or immunotherapy.

If you are allergic to semen, remember that your partner’s sperm is not dirty or "bad", and you should not be blamed for your body’s reaction method.Any condition that is derived from sexual intimacy is a chance to test how you and your partner should deal with challenges together.Semen allergies do not necessarily mean that you are not suitable for your partner.On the contrary, treating it as an opportunity to discover other forms of intimate relationships. These intimate relationships can ensure your safety and make you closer.

It is rare for semen allergies, but it can cause internal and external stimuli, which looks similar to yeast infection.Yeast infection may also be caused by many factors, including your partner’s natural reproductive chemicals (naturally generated bacteria and liquids) or allergies to products, toys or fabrics.

A woman may be allergic to one man’s semen, and the semen of another man is not allergic.Semen includes mature sperm, liquid, sugar, protein from different glands and organs, and even some vitamins and minerals.In other words, this depends on men’s genes, lifestyle and overall health.

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