What should I do if I always panic and breath during pregnancy?Be alert to pregnancy heart disease!

We usually say panic, which is medically called palpitations, and refers to the obvious contraction strength or frequency changes in the heart, which leads to the discomfort of people’s subjective feeling of beating.

Healthy adults, in the absence of severe exercise, severe frightening, drinking a lot of alcohol, taking certain drugs, or particularly excited emotions, palpitations are normal physiological phenomena.

What to do if you panic during pregnancy

Generally speaking, during pregnancy, a series of changes will happen during pregnancy. Especially in the late pregnancy, most pregnant women will feel a light or heavy heart panic, or after a little movement, they will feel panic and breath.

When pregnant women reach the late pregnancy, the workload of the heart is much larger than before pregnancy. The arrhythmia generally increases more than 10 times per minute. Therefore, some pregnant women will have a sensitive response and have a panic performance.

In addition, in the late pregnancy, the uterus of pregnant women has increased significantly, and the fetal development in the abdomen gradually accelerates. In order to ensure the normal metabolism, in order to provide sufficient nutrients in the abdomen, pregnant women often need to obtain more sufficient breathing by accelerating breathing.Oxygen, which causes arrhythmia.Generally speaking, this is a normal pregnancy reaction without nervousness.

Be alert to pregnancy heart disease

During pregnancy, not all panic is physiological, especially for pregnant women who have a panic symptoms for a little exercise, and the symptoms of heart panic after rest should not be alleviated, to go to the hospital to find out the cause of the onset in time to prevent heart disease during pregnancy.

If you have heart disease during pregnancy, pregnant women must strengthen monitoring during pregnancy and reduce the burden on the heart to ensure the health of the fetus and the mother.

If a pregnant woman with abnormal and heart failure is found, it is immediately hospitalized.Pregnant women are best to enter the hospital 2 weeks before the due date, which can be fully rest and easy to check and observe.

Is pregnant women with heart disease naturally childbirth or cesarean section?

How should pregnant women with heart disease during pregnancy choose the way of childbirth?It mainly depends on the state of heart function and obstetrics.

Pregnant women with heart function Ⅰ to Ⅱ unless there is obstetric complications, in principle, vaginal delivery.Compared with normal pregnant women, the average birth process of pregnant women in the heart disease is not significantly different, but a person must be responsible for closely monitoring.

The cesarean section can end childbirth in a short period of time, thereby avoiding the changes in blood flow dynamics caused by the contraction of the uterine for a long time, and reducing the heart load caused by fatigue and pain.

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