What should I do if I am pregnant?Pay more attention to these 5 points in life

Hypertension of pregnant women refers to increased blood pressure during pregnancy. If pregnant women have hypertension, they will have a certain impact on the pregnant woman themselves and the fetus.Therefore, for female friends during pregnancy, they must always be alert to the emergence of hypertension, and clearly have any symptoms when there is a hypertension to treat them in time when they have symptoms.

First, headache.When hypertension occurs, the pregnant woman will have headaches after a pregnant woman, and is accompanied by symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. If it is more serious with nausea, it may be a signal of severe high blood pressure.

Second, dizziness.There is a feeling of dizziness when squatting or getting up suddenly.

Third, palpitations.The occurrence of hypertension can cause heart disease such as myocardial hypertrophy, heart dilation, myocardial infarction, and a common symptom of these diseases is that the palpitations are short, which is related to the disorders of the cerebral cortex.Therefore, if pregnant women have the phenomenon of heart palpitations and shortness, they should be alert to the occurrence of hypertension and other diseases.

Fourth, limb numbness.There will be a feeling of numb fingers, toes, or the feeling of ants on the skin, and the fingers are not flexible.

First, sleep on the left side.Because the left lying position has a good diuretic effect, it can reduce the compression of the lower limb vein, thereby improving the placental function.

Second, diet adjustment.Because the taste of pregnant women during pregnancy will be relatively different, some like to eat greasy stimuli and spicy food, and even some of them take a lot of meat foods in order to allow children to absorb more nutritional foods.It is easy to cause hypertension, so pay attention to diet during pregnancy, as light as possible, high -fat foods should be controlled.

Third, music therapy.You can listen to more soothing music, which can relax your body and mind, soothe your emotions, and help the relief of hypertension

Fourth, moderate exercise.Pregnant women can take a moderate amount of walking or proper yoga, which can consume energy in the body and prevent blood pressure from rising.

5. Control weight.During pregnancy, pregnant women have risen straight due to excessive intake of food, and excessive weight is the main cause of blood pressure. Therefore, pay attention to the intake of diet when hypertension occurs, control the weight, and avoid allowing blood pressure to rise.High trigger danger.

Pregnant women are very dangerous during hypertension during pregnancy. Once there is a discovery of high blood pressure, they must be controlled in a timely manner. In the later stage, they must monitor blood pressure regularly, and pay special attention to lifestyle and diet to avoid the continued rise of blood pressure.It is very unfavorable.

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