What should I do if I bleed in the early pregnancy?Pay attention to distinguish

In the past, I belonged to the kind of person with a very big heart. When I had bleeding from the beginning of the baby in the beginning of the year, I didn’t take it seriously. As a result, the first baby left me very unfortunately.

After all kinds of regrets, I tried to learn all kinds of pregnancy knowledge. From the beginning of pregnancy, I have been hung up by the expert number of a woman and infant in Shanghai (the special needs of 400 yuan once).On the way, I have accumulated a lot of experience.

In order to encourage more Ma Ma with similar experiences, I decided to write down all of them.It is not written in the depth of memory in the order of memory.I wish you more Ma Ma, good luck!

Well, today I said that Bao Ma’s tears were scared to be frightened.

Let me talk about my twice. I have bleeding in the early days, but the first baby failed to keep it. The second baby is healthy and healthy. It is almost four months now.

Therefore, early pregnancy bleeding is not careless, but more importantly is the cause of the distinction.

So, what causes can cause early pregnancy bleeding?

1. Breakal abortion

The aura abortion refers to the inexplicable beginning of vaginal bleeding before 28 weeks of pregnancy, and the amount often exceeds the menstrual flow, and there is a paroxysmal lower abdominal pain and lumbar back pain. At this timeOrganization.In addition to bleeding, there is also a manifestation of abdominal pain or back pain.

If it is only a small amount of bleeding, you can rest assured first.But be sure to take a blood and check the HCG and progesterone values.HCG must be monitored more than three consecutive times to ensure that it is normal.

If the amount of bleeding is greater than the normal menstrual flow, then the possibility of ahead abortion is very high, don’t delay anything, go to the hospital immediately!

2. Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy may also cause bleeding during pregnancy.But what is most worried about Baoma is that ectopic pregnancy must combine the value of B -ultrasound and HCG.If the number of days of pregnancy is too small, the B -ultrasound cannot be seen, and the value of the HCG is very low. There is no way to judge only vaginal hemorrhage.

At this time, you can only wait quietly.The probability of ectopic pregnancy is very low, and mothers should not scare themselves.

3. Cervical or uterine problems

Cervical lesions, cervical polyps, and uterine deformities may also occur. Bleeding. Doctors who can find doctors in obstetrics can discover that how to deal with the doctor’s advice, and don’t worry about tangling at home.

4. The reason is unknown

Environment, temperature, emotion, pressure, diet, region, endocrine … Bleeding in early pregnancy sometimes does not have clear causes.Bao Ma’s sister was also inexplicably bleeding in the early pregnancy. She couldn’t find the cause for repeated inspections, and there was nothing to do.

In this case, it is recommended that Baoma go home to rest (be careful not to do the same room). If bleeding stops, it is okay. It may refer to bleeding caused by normal bed, embryonic development, and hormone level changes.Do a B -ultrasound and blood HCG; if you continue to bleed, gradually increase, and if you have stomach pain, you will go to the doctor in time, do B -ultrasound and HCG, and give the rest to the doctor.

In the end, I will combine my blood and tears lessons and remind Baoma to pay attention to a few issues:

1. Early pregnancy check must be paid attention to. Don’t know that after 12 weeks after pregnancy, you will be transferred directly after 12 weeks. Bao Ma I was delayed that year.

2. Pay attention to monitoring at progesterone and HCG, and progesterone must meet the standards, and HCG must double.At about 50 days of pregnancy, remember to do B -ultrasound to see if the baby’s fetal heart is normal.

3. About whether to protect the fetus.

I am not a doctor, I just talk about my own feelings from my personal experience.

Bao Ma pursued the concept of naturalism in the first child. The result was fierce and regret.The second child is more positive for breeding and preservation. Masons and estradioli are eaten. Under the premise of obeying the doctor’s order, these drugs do not hurt their babies, and they must believe in doctors.

In the end, the mood is very important, because this behavior has a inextricable relationship with the body hormones, and a good mood will also bring a healthier and happy baby!

May all babies grow up healthy and happy!

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