What should I do if I cough, fever, and runny nose during pregnancy?

Oh my god!It turns out that these errors often commit crimes!After pregnancy, expectant mothers will be regarded as "disadvantaged groups", especially after a cold, and they dare not take medicine randomly, fearing that they will cause damage to the baby in the stomach.So, what should I do when I feel uncomfortable?


Many expectant mothers may tend to use traditional Chinese medicine instead of western medicine during pregnancy, because Chinese medicine is natural and safe.However, in fact, it is dangerous to blindly take Chinese herbal medicine. Many Chinese herbal medicines or Chinese medicines will indicate the words "pregnant women" or "pregnant women avoid" in the manual. Therefore, you should consult a doctor before taking it.

Within the first three months of pregnancy, in addition to using western medicine with caution, expectant mothers should also use the following 4 types of Chinese medicines: poison and hot drugs, promoting blood circulation and stasis, slipping drugs, and fragrant and fragrant drugs, such as crickets, Cinnabar, 、, musk, pangolin, coix seed, lilac, motherwort, angelica, etc.


Mother -to -mother cough is a very painful thing, especially in a special period of frequent urination. It may be too embarrassing to accidentally leak urine.In addition, cough will increase abdominal pressure. Therefore, if the cough is too severe and frequent, it may cause abortion or premature birth if the cough is too severe and frequent.

Therefore, experts suggest that prospective mothers should press the upper abdomen with one hand and hold the lower abdomen in one hand for 4 months of pregnancy.If the expectant mother is pregnant for more than 4 months, she can hold her belly with both hands to form a protective role, which can reduce vibration and prevent early water break.

Nursing method:

● Light honey water or Chuanbei cream can protect the throat and have a certain relief effect on cough.However, expectant mothers with gestational diabetes, when choosing Chuanbei cream, choose sugar -free type.In fact, even ordinary expectant mothers should also pay attention to eating less sweet food during coughing.

● Tremella soup does have some benefits to cough. You can cook some drinks.There are grapefruit and oranges to help supplement vitamin C.In terms of vegetables, vegetables with more water such as cucumber and melon soup are also good choices.If you want to drink fruit juice, it is best to choose fruit juice with a high concentration, let alone add extra sugar. The sweeter, the easier it is to produce sputum, which will make the cough more serious.When cough becomes frequent and severe, you need to go to the hospital for examination in time to eliminate the occurrence of pneumonia and other diseases.


The body temperature of expectant mothers will be slightly higher than ordinary people at about 0.5 ° C, so if the body temperature rises to 37.5 ° C, you may feel a little uncomfortable.Such as headache, loss of appetite, fatigue, muscle soreness, etc.

Nursing method:

● Use a mild physical method to cool down for yourself.For example: use ice pillows, heat dissipation patch, or repeatedly wipe the armpit, the forehead and groin parts with warm water.At the same time, pay attention to drink plenty of warm water, increase rest, and try to recover health with your own resistance.The body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C, you must pay special attention.Because high fever will cause your heartbeat to speed up, and your fetal heartbeat will be accelerated at the same time.And high -temperature uterus may also have a bad impact on the fetus.When the body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C, who is convenient for me to see, how to adjust the camera behind me?You can use antipyretics to help cool down. It is best to choose acetylphenol, such as "Tyno". At the same time, cold medicines such as cold granules, slab bluegen, and double flower oral solution can also be taken in moderation, which is relatively safe.However, do not choose anti -fever drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and Nicanin, which may cause problems such as skeletal deformity, nervous system or kidney deformity of the fetus.If you have no obvious antipyretic effect after taking the antipyretic medicine, or if you feel that your body has no strength, you should go to the hospital for examination. Do not carry it hard at home.

● During the fever, the choice of diet is very important.Some expectant mothers are unhappy, but during the fever, try to bear it.You know, high -protein foods, such as meat, fish, eggs, etc., have the effect of rising body temperature.And during illness, this kind of food is not easy to digest, it is better to eat less.You can eat more light food, and clear soup noodles are a good choice.First of all, it is easier to digest than rice. Coupled with the moisture and vegetables in the soup, it is good for the improvement of the disease and the recovery of physical fitness. I ca n’t help it. Add some meat slices or minced meat to the soup noodles.


During pregnancy, due to the rise in estrogen levels of expectant mothers, at the same time, the blood capacity of the body also increased a lot, vascular dilation, nasal mucosa is prone to swelling, and the secretions sometimes increased.At this time, if you encounter a cold again, the symptoms of nasal congestion may feel heavier than before pregnancy.The long -term severe nasal congestion does cause more or less the phenomenon of hypoxia in the fetus, but don’t worry too much about this, because in most cases, the physiological function of the human body will remind you to change your breathing, such as changing your mouth to breathe.Even if you fall asleep, you will be awakened because of difficulty breathing.

Nursing method:

● Salt spray and cleaning are the best choices.You can make saline spray yourself and use 27g of salt+1000ml warm water to make birth of saline.Use it several times a day, which can reduce mucosal edema and effectively relieve nasal congestion symptoms.Because many drugs that relieve nasal congestion are used to reduce blood vessels and reduce blood flow to help slow down symptoms, but this will also reduce blood supply to the fetus. Therefore, doctors usually do not recommend expectant mothers.However, when you feel that you feel that the nasal congestion is particularly serious and very uncomfortable, the doctor may also use a small amount of bloodmaking agent for you.Most of these nasal spray medicines stay on the nose. According to experiments on animals, this situation is basically safe to the fetus, so you can use it with confidence.

● Steam can also alleviate the condition of the nasal congestion.You can make yourself more comfortable by taking a bath.Also, keeping the temperature at home is 20-25 ° C and relative humidity is 40%to 60%, which will also make you feel much more comfortable.

● When you feel that the nasal congestion is too serious, it is best to go to the hospital for examination to prevent secondary infections and cause sinusitis.

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