What should I do if I do back pain during pregnancy?Regardless of the office or home, pay attention to these things

Many women encounter such problems after pregnancy, and as they grow slowly during pregnancy, their belly is getting bigger and larger, and there will be more and more symptoms of discomfort.The more common is low back pain during pregnancy. Whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down, you will have pain. Not only will it cause some harm to pregnant mothers in physical and psychological, but also affect normal life.

So, what are the causes of back pain during pregnancy? How should pregnant mothers relieve it?

After the expectant mother is pregnant, as the pregnancy increases, the uterus gradually increases, and the support of the waist is increasing.

The round ligament of the uterus was relaxed by pulling for a long time, causing the sacral spinal ligament to relax, compressing the pelvic nerves and blood vessels, making many expectant mothers feel back pain.

This kind of low back pain can gradually disappear with the recovery of postpartum lumbar muscle strength.

When many people are massaging, many people like to use essential oils when massaging. Pregnant mothers can gently massage in order to relieve back pain!But avoid point massage and use of essential oils.Gently massage can help pregnant mothers to relax the muscles on the back, and it will also help to alleviate back pain and back pain!

In addition, in order to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal during childbirth, a pregnant mother will secrete a hormone in the body. This hormone can stimulate the development of the breast, relax the whole body’s skeletal muscle system, change the curvature and pelvic cavity of the lumbar spine, and make the fetus make the fetus.More favorable growth.At the same time, this hormone can relax the ligament that connects the pelvis, can also relax the muscles, disassemble the collagen in the bones and tendons, and increase the curvature of the spine.

Back pain during pregnancy is related to the waist and back load, which causes the waist and back muscle fatigue. Therefore, the pregnant mothers should adjust their posture whether they are standing, falling asleep, and sitting during pregnancy!When the pregnant mother stands, the abdomen should be slightly leaning forward, and the hips should be collected forward.When you sit, keep your back and shoulders straight. It is recommended to lie on the side when you sleep. You can also buy a pregnant woman’s pillow, which can also bear the power of the abdomen.After adjusting, the muscles on the back of the waist can be relaxed and relieved back pain!

The reason why pregnancy often feels back pain is because the relaxation hormone secreted by the pregnant mother’s body will disassemble the collagen in the bones and tendons.The reduction of this collagen will weaken the support for the tendon and bones.It can be seen that pregnant mothers need to supplement collagen!The trotters are rich in collagen!

If you often feel back pain and back pain during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay more attention!Don’t knock on your back with your hands!This is not good for both pregnant mothers and fetuses!

Movement in water reduces the pressure on your back and joints.Water will support your weight, and even walking or floating in water will help relieve stress.

When you need to bend over and take things, try to keep your back straight, bend your lower limbs, grab things, and straighten your legs to avoid the waist bending force.

It is best to take the left side when sleeping, bend your legs, or you can clip a small pillow between the legs to reduce the burden on the waist.

If you want to lie flat, you can put a less thick waist pad under the waist, which will be much more comfortable.

Pillows should be placed in an appropriate position to help relieve pain.You can also put a pillow in the middle and abdomen in the middle and abdomen to reduce the pressure on the pelvic cavity and back.At the same time, be careful that the pregnant mother should be careful when lying down or getting up from the bed, so as not to stretch the spine.

During pregnancy, you can do it in moderation. If the pregnant mother often feels back pain, you may wish to try some mild exercise to relieve back pain.The movements suitable for pregnant mothers are yoga and swimming, which are conducive to enhancing back muscle strength.But it should be noted that when exercising, you can ensure safety!The exercise time must be strictly controlled, and some intense exercise must be avoided, not too fatigue.

Pregnant women can relieve the symptoms of low back pain by taking a bath.

In addition to the hot bath, you can also apply local hot compresses, and then add appropriate massage, which can relax muscle and improve the cycle.

This can relieve the symptoms of back pain caused by various reasons.

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