What should I do if I do it frequently during pregnancy?Will it affect the fetus?

Frequent urination during pregnancy is the most common phenomenon during pregnancy.This is mainly because the metabolites of the maternal body increased after pregnancy, and at the same time, the baby’s metabolites were also discharged by the mother, which greatly increased the workingload of the kidneys and increased the urine output.Second, due to the early and late pregnancy of pregnancy, the increased uterus or fetal head decreased to compress the bladder, which reduced the capacity of the bladder, caused the number of urination times and always felt incomplete. This is frequent urination.At the same time, studies have shown that changes in hormone secretion in the body are also one of the reasons for frequent urination.

Symptoms of frequent urination during pregnancy-

Physiological urine frequency:

(1) The number of urination is increased, urinating more than 7 times during the day, and urinating more than 2 times at night, and the interval between urination is within 2 hours.

(2) There is no urgency, pain, fever, low back pain and other phenomena during urination.

(3) The urine color is normal, not turbid, and no hematuria.

(4) After the baby is born, the frequent urination will be relieved.However, in the first few days after delivery, the frequency of urine will still exist, and your urine frequency and urine volume will be higher than during pregnancy.This is because your body will discharge extra liquids in the body during pregnancy.A few days later, your urine frequency should be restored to the normal state before pregnancy, not as frequent as before.

Frequent pathological urine:

If you feel pain or burning sensation when urinating, or although you have a strong sense of urination, you can only urinate a few drops each time, then you should go to the hospital for treatment.This may be a sign of urinary tract infection (UTI).Urinary tract infection is a very common bacterial infection among pregnant women. If it is not treated, it may cause nephritis or premature birth, or both may occur.

(1) The number of urination has increased, urinating more than 7 times during the day, more than 2 times in the evening, and the interval between urination is within 2 hours.

(2) Accompanied by urgency, pain, fever, low back pain and other phenomena, I always feel that urine is not clean.

(3) The urine is turbid and even hematuria.

(4) There are "three symptoms" of thirst, drinking, and urine.

What is the effect of frequent urination on the fetus during pregnancy?

With the progress of pregnancy, the frequency and urine volume of expectant mothers are increasing. Frequent urination is the normal phenomenon of pregnancy. This frequency of urination is not accompanied by urgency and pain, and the urine examination is also abnormal and does not require treatment.However, the infection of the urinary system caused by multiple reasons during pregnancy can also occur with frequent urination, and it is often accompanied by urgency and dysuria. The urine examination is abnormal, and you need to seek medical treatment immediately.Therefore, if you are only frequent urination after pregnancy, don’t worry, there will be no abnormalities in the fetus.However, we must pay attention to preventing and controlling urinary system infections during this period. Special attention should be paid to reducing the mechanical compression of the uterus on the ureter and reducing its dilation and urine stasis.

What should I do if I do it frequently during pregnancy?

1. Always do anal reduction.

This can train the tension of the pelvic floor muscles to help control urination.You can also do pelvic relaxation exercises, which helps prevent stress urinary incontinence.That is, the limbs were kneeling and crawling, straightened on the back, shrinking the hip muscles, pushing the pelvis to the abdomen.And bow to the back, relax after a few seconds.But do it.

2. Equal amount of water replenishment.

Specific mothers should alleviate frequent urination during pregnancy and can start from daily life and drinking water.In other words, it is necessary to replenish water in an appropriate amount, but do not drink too much or drink water; if you go out, if you have urine, you must go to the toilet and try not to urinate as much as possible to avoid causing bladder inflammation or bacterial infections.

3. Seek medical treatment in time.

If there is pain when urinating, or if you can’t stand the urgency, it is likely to be because the bladder is inflamed or infected with bacteria. At this time, you must seek medical treatment quickly.If the treatment is not timely and incomplete, it can often make the condition worse or cause delay, which will affect the health of the mother and the fetus.

4. Western medical treatment.

Pregnancy bacteria or urinary tract infections that occur for the first time can use one or several antibiotics, such as sulfa, aminoininin, and amphye, with few side effects.By the time of pregnancy, sulfa drugs cannot be used. Because sulfa drugs and bilirubin in fetal blood are combined with plasma protein, the concentration of bilirubin in the middle reaches of the plasma is increased.Aminoininin is also a drug that is often preferred or elected.

What should I pay attention to when frequent urination during pregnancy?

1. Eat less diuretic food

In the early and at the end of pregnancy, pregnant moms should eat rarely diuretic foods at night, such as watermelon, clam, Poria, winter melon, Kunbu (kelp), Zexie (health food), front car grass, corn beard, etc.If you have a good diuretic effect, you should avoid eating more.

2. Avoid supine positions

When pregnant moms are resting, pay attention to take the side lying position to avoid supine positions.Sideline can reduce the compression of the uterus to the ureter, and prevent the accumulation of urine infection with the accumulation of urine and ureter.In addition, experts remind that pregnant mothers who are accustomed to sleeping should be careful of "hypocritical hypotension syndrome", which will even cause shock in severe cases.

3. Don’t urinate

The bladder of the human body stored urine has a certain extension.Usually, the bladder is very small, and when the urine is more and more, the bladder is large.If you do not urinate in time for a long time, the bladder will lose elasticity and cannot restore the original state.In addition, this will cause the body to be discharged out of waste, and it may cause uremia.

4. The pad cannot be used for too long

After pregnancy, the urine always wants to come. If the pregnant mommy fails to go to the toilet in time, it may be urinating on the pants. This is not an embarrassing embarrassment.Therefore, the use of pads during pregnancy can avoid this accident.However, experts also remind pregnant moms to change pads frequently to prevent bacterial infections.

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