What should I do if I don’t want to get married, do not want to have birth, and don’t want to fall in love?


I found that there are many people who choose not to get married now, and I don’t think there is anything wrong.

In the opinion of the public, people who do n’t think they want to get married may have poor conditions or any defects. However, an example around me completely subverts this cognition.

My mother’s daughter, with an annual salary of one million, a master’s degree in law, a car and a house, a proper woman.Her career was very successful. The emotional relationship was delayed. She was 38 years old and had not married yet. As a result, many elders and relatives around her were behind and pointed out.

This also reveals the values of the older generation: wedding is more advanced and more faces than single.It is a sin to not get married. If a person is not married, there must be any problems or defects.

It seems that the only goal of life is to sell himself as a product. If it is "slow -selling", even if this person is excellent, it will be fully denied.

Although people’s thoughts are gradually open with the progress of the times, and they have begun to tolerate a single state, they still cannot escape some kind of limitations.

Young single people are pretty good, and they have won the title of "single dog", and occasionally they use the word to laugh at.

Just when we thought she would not get married in this life, and would not have a child, at the age of 41, she suddenly came up with the good news of having a child and gave birth to a small cotton jacket.For the people around her, it is really explosive information.She got married and had no wedding, so she quietly ended, and then suddenly gave birth to a child.

At this time, there is no problem without wanting to get married. This is a person’s freedom.We have the right to choose not to get married, as well as the right to choose to get married.No one can attack you, maliciously speculate on you, or perform language violence on you, even parents.

In the hit drama "Thirty", Gu Jia said a word:

At the age of thirty, it seemed that everyone would suddenly be anxious to buy a house, save money, and have children. These things have a collective name, called the back road.

In fact, the same is true of marriage.

Many times, getting married is also to give yourself a back road. When you are tired, tired, you can go without the way, and there is a home to return. Some people can support you.

Naturally, marriage does not necessarily mean happiness. Single is not unfortunate. They are just a lifestyle, and the right to choose in your own hands.

Whether you get married and have children are just a choice question on the personal menu bar.Right or wrong is not important, and there are no specific standards.You can choose what you like, you can choose what you want.

Having said so much, my interpretation of my marriage is: Marriage should be two people in love, go to a better future, rather than getting married at a certain age, so that you often get more disappointment and pain.

Looking for the right good person, being a good person, and having a beautiful and happy marriage, you will feel that everything in the world is worth it.

If you do n’t have a good marriage, you will try to live yourself as a garden. You do n’t have to wait for anyone to send flowers. A person ’s life is actually good.

In my eyes, a person’s ideal state is that even if there is no lover, I can enrich myself.I don’t want to live a luxury, but I don’t want to live a nervous and wronged life.

If you don’t want to get married, you will definitely encounter a very realistic and headache -parents urge marriage.

If your parents and family do not interfere with your marriage feelings, then you have to reassure your parents, at least economical independence, do not grow old, rely on them economically, and make them less troubles in life, so that they can see that you can take care of them by themselvesGood yourself, don’t let them worry. If you can’t convince it, you will be a little far away from your parents. Don’t live with your parents.

If you can’t live well by yourself, you can suck your parents from time to time, and complain that your parents will intervene in your marriage and urge you to get married and have children.

Don’t want to get married, don’t want to give birth, the premise is that you have to completely think about the consequences that you may bear not to get married, such as loneliness and panic at night. No one takes care when you are sick.Share your joy, when you are sad, a person is strong, girls live alone for a long time, and their personal safety.

This is a spiritual and emotional thing.

In addition, the following key dimensions should be considered:

1. Economic income;

2. physical condition;

3. Pension configuration plan;

4. The result of communicating with parents;

If the above factors, you can overcome it completely and you can carry it alone, then you can be single without fear.

There is no problem if you don’t want to get married, you can still talk about love.What if you encounter reliable marriage objects during love?

Breeding again.Regarding we don’t want to have children, then let’s think about the following series of questions:

1. After the old age, do you have enough ability to make yourself better?

2. When you are sick and bed, you have no children to take care of it. What else do you have to deal with this problem?

3. On the day of loss of self -care, do you have a closer and reliable person to take care of you by your side. Here you will say that you do n’t expect to take care of it. Well, is anyone visiting you?

4. On the New Year, can you do not be sad and envious when you see the scene of the reunion of the family?

Well, these questions, you have a certain answer, then you can have no fertility.Otherwise, you should consider it carefully.

On February 15th, Sichuan has introduced a policy that can also have children without getting married, that is, fertility will not be limited to getting married, and children can have children without marriage.This gives those people who don’t want to get married, but want to have a child some operational space.

In fact, in the case of economic conditions, there is a child and a relative. As long as you are educated, happiness will be more happy, and there will be more guarantee for elderly life.

Whether to get married or not, do you want to fall in love, these are secondary. The key is to work hard to make money and save yourself more money.So it is important to have a stable job, especially girls.

After all, girls are not like men, she has the upper limit of childbirth.Men can find a woman in 40 or 50, what about women?After 40, 45, how many can have children?

Since there are ideas that do not want to get married, do not want to fall in love, or even want to have children, you must have a stable work.With a stable job, there will be continuous income.Without a stable job, you have strong ability to make money, you can do business, or start a business in light assets.

Otherwise, there are no deposits, no money, no partner, no children, what will happen when they are old?What do you take to resist and not get married and not give birth?

Therefore, we must plan your elderly in advance and consider various possible accidents in advance, so that you can enjoy the single life of the second half of your life without worry.

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