What should I do if I encounter insomnia during pregnancy?7 tricks to teach you to stay away from "Night Cat" dark circles

Sleep is important to everyone, and pregnant women are also a member of the insomnia army. After pregnancy, the mood of pregnant mothers has changed a lot. She often has symptoms of crying, insomnia, and irritability.It will cause harm to the normal development of the baby in the belly.So, what should I do if I am pregnant when I am pregnant?

1. Drink milk before going to bed

Drinking a cup of warm milk before going to bed can effectively alleviate sleep. Drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed every night can help the body and help sleep, but also improve the quality of sleep.Pregnant women should remember that milk is best to drink half an hour before going to bed, and warm milk is better.

2. Listen to light music before bedtime

Most of the insomnia is caused by nervous stress or mental factors. It is best to take natural therapy. Do n’t think too much before going to bed. Keep your mood happy. Listen to some soothing light music. It is good for the fetus and can also help sleep.

3. Adjust your mentality

Many pregnant mothers have a strong pressure in their hearts, causing panic, upset, insomnia and so on.At this time, the pregnant mother should learn to regulate her emotions, eliminate bad emotions, and maintain a happy mood.Usually you can do more things you like to relieve tension and maintain good physiological habits. Don’t be hungry and full before going to bed, relax your mind, don’t think about things too much, just feel good to sleep!

4. The correct sleeping position

The posture of sleeping on the left side is the most suitable sleeping position for pregnant women. It not only helps the whole body to relax, stretch the body and mind, but also alleviate the degree of right rotation of the uterus and maintain sufficient blood supply to the placenta.

5. Drink water appropriately after dinner, don’t.Pregnant women originally needed to go to the toilet. It is recommended that after dinner, you can drink less water before going to bed to reduce the frequency of going to the toilet, but remember that you must not urinate.

6. Communicate with husband, talk about heart, and enhance the feelings between husband and wife.Here, as a prospective dad, in addition to taking care of his wife’s daily life every day, at the same time, you must pay more attention to the psychology of his wife. When you sleep every day, he strokes his wife’s belly and talks to her. The family of three sleeps happily.This continuously increases the quality of sleeping for pregnant women while increasing the feeling of husband and wife.

7. Appropriate exercise is conducive to improving sleep quality.Proper exercise of pregnant women is very necessary. It is also necessary to be late. Proper exercise can not only increase the quality of sleep, but also prepare sufficient preparations for smooth delivery.

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