What should I do if I find that the endometrium has polyps?

If it is a small polyp and no clinical symptoms, you can prepare for pregnancy without treatment for the time being.

However, if women have a change in menstruation at this time, or trying to prepare for a period of time without pregnancy, it may be due to infertility caused by endometrial polyps. At this time, you need to do surgery before trying to get pregnant.

Under normal circumstances, the endometrial polyps can be tried to get pregnant again after two or three months.

What kind of "flesh" is the endometrium polyps?

As the name suggests, the endometrium polyps are a kind of lesions that grow on the endometrium, just like the intestinal polyps we usually hear, polyps of gastric mucosa, and so on.This lesion is very many in the women’s population, especially for young, fertilized women.

The endometrium polyps are due to excessive hyperplasia of the endometrium.There are two main reasons for formation:

One case is because of the excessive stimulation of estrogen. Some people have higher levels of estrogen or abuse of health products containing hormones without indication, which may lead to the thickness of the endometrium.

Another case is due to the stimulation of inflammation. For example, for many years or a history of uterine cavity operations for many years, it leads to endometritis hyperplasia and may also form endometrium polyps.

What are the symptoms of endometrial polyps?

There are many ways to express the polyps of the uterine, such as single -occurrence and multiple polyps, and some smaller polyps have no clinical symptoms, but when they do B -ultrasound, they find that the endometrium is thickened.

A single smaller uterine endometrium polyps generally rarely show any symptoms, which are usually discovered during examination.If it is a large polyps or polyps that burst into the neck, it is prone to secondary infection and necrosis, causing irregular bleeding and stench bloody secretions.

01 Irregular vaginal bleeding

Some patients will have a lot of menstruation, extension of menstruation, or abnormal bleeding before menopause.

02 abdominal pain

Frequently starting in the second half of menstruation, the sexuality is aggravated, and it gradually disappears as menstruation.The main reason is the obstacles of the endometrium polyps, which causes poor menstrual blood to discharge smoothly, causing symptoms such as lower abdomen pain and lower abdomen pain.

03 Discharge increases leucorrhea abnormality

A few patients with large polyps may have leucorrhea or bloodshils in leucorrhea, and can also be manifested as contact bleeding, especially when they are in the same room or squatting, they are very easy to bleed when they stool.

04 infertility

If the endometrium polyps grow in the cervix, it may hinder the sperm into the uterine cavity and affect pregnancy; if it grows in the uterine cavity, it will prevent the fertilized eggs in bed or affect the development of the embryo, which will lead to infertility.

How to confirm the endometrium polyps?

The first is to see if there are clinical symptoms. When the above symptoms occur, go to the doctor in time.

The second is to discover the endometrium polyps through B -ultrasound. The B -ultrasound is mainly a strong echo in the uterine cavity.Because in the structure of the polyp itself, there are some dense intermections, so it is manifested as a strong echo.

If there are clinical symptoms, or if the B -ultrasound also finds the highly suspicious situation of the endometrium thickening and strong echo, it is necessary to do further diagnosis.That is, the diagnosis is usually used with hysteroscopy.

How do hysteroscopy confirm the polyp?

The doctor will use the vaginal operation to enter a very thin and thin mirror into the uterine cavity.Under the instrument, the shape, how much, size, and part of the polyps in the uterine cavity can be diagnosed at a glance.

After the diagnosis, the doctor will remove the polyp polyps through the hysteroscopy, or scrape the small polyps to send the pathology through the curettage, and can achieve the purpose of the diagnosis and adding treatment simultaneously.

When you have symptoms, you must look at the doctor. Please ask the doctor to conduct a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis.After the menstrual cycle, physical condition and test results, the time of hysteroscopic examination will be made.

About hysteroscopy and surgery

Hysteroscopic examination and treatment do not require hospitalization. It belongs to the operation process of outpatient surgery.

Hysteroscopy at the Yangtze River Health · International Hysteroscopy diagnosis and therapy center needs to go to the hospital a few hours in advance.Hysteroscopic operation will be completed within an hour. After the operation, anesthesia is awake. After one or two hours of observation, you can go home without a problem.

Many people do not know much about hysteroscopy, so they will worry and fear.

The examination and treatment of hysteroscopy at the Yangtze River Health · International Hysteroscopy International Centers can not only be completed simultaneously, but also under the anesthesia.

Some hospital examinations and treatment are performed in step. For example, do hysteroscopic examination without anesthesia. After the diagnosis, patients will be hospitalized, and then the treatment time is made of electro -cut polyps of uterine -cut uterine polyps.Essence

The endometrium polyps are common diseases, and they also occur. Many people have no symptoms.Women with clinical symptoms should be treated.

In addition, it is reminded that women who are commonly referred to as "menopause" that we usually call "menopausal" need to be treated in time if they find polyps.Because polyps have the chance of evil change, do not wait for polyps to be treated after being treated, which may make simple surgery more complicated.

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